Factual error: When the engine is shut down in the plane, the altimeter is shown spinning down wildly, indicating that the plane is diving at a speed of over 2000 feet per second, which is approximately 1200 miles per hour. Assuming that the plane wouldn't disintegrate at that speed (which it would), judging from the altitude at which the engine was cut, it would have taken less than 3 seconds for the plane to hit the ground.

Factual error: When the engine is shut down in the plane, it starts to nose dive to the ground. The problem is when the engine is cut in a plane it doesn't drop like a rock out of the sky - they can still fly and, more importantly, they can still land.

Factual error: When the daughter is having an asthma attack in the cabin, the kidnapper is making instant coffee so the caffeine will counter her attack. But he uses a single serving orange packet - Sanka brand. Sanka is decaffeinated coffee and would not help in this situation.

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