Best crime movie revealing mistakes of 2001

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Along Came a Spider picture

Revealing mistake: After the woman is strangled and the people come in trying to find the little kid, the dead woman is clearly seen blinking. (00:11:25)

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The Fast and the Furious picture The Fast and the Furious mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the final racing scene, when Dominic's car hits the truck and flips in the air, you can clearly see the stunt driver's helmet as the car turns in the air. (01:37:45)

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Rush Hour 2 picture

Revealing mistake: When Inspector Lee was running through the casino, his hands are bound together with tape. When he tumbles across a gambling table, his hands come apart. When he completes the tumble, he quickly puts his hands together again. (01:09:00 - 01:10:15)

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Hannibal picture Hannibal mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene in which Krendler shows the fake Lecter postcard, look closely and you can read the line: "Sounds like him to me" although this line is part of Krendler's speech, and not part of the message itself. Forgetting your lines, Mr. Liotta? (01:21:55)

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Saving Silverman picture

Revealing mistake: After they kidnap Neil, they are driving to stop the wedding, as they are driving down the road, you can see out the front window that the truck pulls up to a stop light. They cut to Neil and the truck is still moving, then they cut back to the group and they road is clear. Traffic lights don't cycle that fast. (01:20:30)

StopNGo & Girls

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Swordfish picture Swordfish mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the Senator is being killed by Travolta in the river, we can see some shots of his assistant before his car explodes. If you watch closely just half a second before the frontal shot of the explosion, you can see in the driver's seat a dummy with a green face.

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Don't Say A Word picture

Revealing mistake: When Mike Douglas makes Dr. Sacks answer his cell phone, you can see that Sacks is wearing a wedding band although he wasn't married.

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Heartbreakers picture

Revealing mistake: When Tensy's body, which Page and Max wrapped in a sheet, falls over the hotel balcony and then hits the ground, you can tell it's a rubber dummy because of the way the uncovered right foot jiggles.

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The 51st State picture

Revealing mistake: In the "Mexican Standoff" between Felix's Jaguar and the Police Car (a Vauxhall Omega) both cars pass the same three parked cars in shot after shot after shot This because the alley the scene was filmed in is not as long as the movie makes it appear - so they repeated the shots of the Jaguar and the Police Car passing the same parked cars several times. (00:36:35)

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Made picture

Revealing mistake: When Ricky and Bobby knock the fishbowl over while fighting, you can see it separate into two clean halves before it even falls. (00:40:05)

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True Blue picture

Revealing mistake: The corpse on the medical examiners table noticeably swallows during a close-up. (00:29:23)

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Yamakasi picture

Revealing mistake: When the Yamakasi and the children are trying to escape from the last house, they break the wall but the shot later, it looks like it has been cut with a chainsaw, or another precise tool.

Dr Wilson

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The Parole Officer picture

Revealing mistake: When Kirsty breaks them out of the police jail with the van she stole, you can see the fake wall created, as it built out of line with the real wall.

Craig Bryant

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Ocean's Eleven picture

Revealing mistake: When Yen jumps backwards onto the shelving unit during the con, you can hear a crew member say, 'Left' mid-jump. (01:26:45)

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Ichi the Killer picture

Revealing mistake: When Kakihara is smoking in the beginning, you can tell the cigarette is not really lit, and that the glow of it was added later using computer graphics. The easiest way to notice this is to notice how no smoke is coming off of the cigarette itself.

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Heist picture

Revealing mistake: At 1:20:25 - Just after Joe and Bobby have returned to the plane to pick up the gold, we see 2 ground crewmen walking across the front of camera. One of them stares directly at the camera for a half-second, before shaking his head away, so as not to look like he's staring at the camera. (Danged extras. .). (01:20:25)

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Exit Wounds picture

Revealing mistake: In the shootout scene on the bridge, when the helicopter is being shot by Steven S., you can see that each time a bullet strikes the helicopter, it splinters, revealing it is in fact made of wood.

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Sugar & Spice picture

Revealing mistake: When Diane and Jack are coming back from the store to get groceries, Diane throws a piece of paper out of the car and you see it fall straight down. If they were actually driving it would have flown backwards.

Ian Mugford

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One Night at McCool's picture

Revealing mistake: When Liv Tyler is washing the car, after she squeezes the sponge onto her chest and leans down, the next shot is shown in reverse - the soap and the water travel upwards. (00:36:00)

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Buffalo Soldiers picture

Revealing mistake: In the last shot of Elwood machine gunning his Mercedes, he's run out of ammo - there's no belt left.

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