Exit Wounds

Continuity mistake: DMX changes from a sweat suit into a shiny crimson suit and leaves his apartment only to come back in the same sweat suit.

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Continuity mistake: When Segal is held captive in the speeding black van, one of the captors is pushed out the side door by Segal and is crushed when the passenger side of the van hits a row of parked cars - one of the side doors gets knocked off but a few shots later, as the van is scraping past a line of cars, the door's back on. (01:04:20)

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Boyd is riding a bike down an alley trying to escape Useldinger & Montini he dodges two big trashcans but his followers hits them making them fly onto the street. In the scene where the two trashcan comes out on the street you can see a wire pulling one of them towards the phone booth.

Continuity mistake: The bridge scene at the beginning was filmed on two different months in Calgary shortly after bridge construction. One of the shots in the scene shows a stone lion statue on the side of the finished bridge. In other shots, the lions haven't been placed on the bridge yet.

Visible crew/equipment: When DMX changes into the suit and closes the closet, there appears to be some crew reflected in the doors of the closet.

Continuity mistake: When DMX and Anthony Anderson are escaping from the club, watch DMX choose the right side of the double wide box (which is reinforced) to jump onto the dumpster while Anthony Anderson chooses the left side which collapses under his weight. Also watch when he removes his foot from the box. The camera angle changes and his foot is back in the box again.

Deliberate mistake: When Boyd has saved the Vice President's life after chucking him into the water, Boyd looks down at the VP who is being dragged out. Suddenly, there is a picture taken that appears in papers, but there was no press or person on the bridge where Boyd is with a camera, so where did the photograph come from? (00:06:55)


Continuity mistake: In the beginning where everyone is on the bridge, one of the vans explodes and you can clearly see that the passenger and the driver are both dummies.

Continuity mistake: When Boyd is in TK's nightclub, Boyd kicks TK he falls backwards into the bar, yet, in the following shot he hits the bar on his front. (00:43:45)


Continuity mistake: When Boyd is searching TK's office, the black cop sits down and puts his left hand on his head, yet in the following shot, he has his right hand on his head. (00:47:10)


Other mistake: When Boyd is on the rooftop, he is holding the bottom of the ladder from the helicopter. A view from above shows marks from a previous take.

Revealing mistake: In the shootout scene on the bridge, when the helicopter is being shot by Steven S., you can see that each time a bullet strikes the helicopter, it splinters, revealing it is in fact made of wood.

Continuity mistake: When DMX appears for the first time and parks quickly between two cars, his car is further away from the curb when the camera cuts to him climbing out of it.

Factual error: The horn on the LT's Range Rover is at the end of the signal lever not in the middle of the steering wheel as shown.

Deliberate mistake: Just before Boyd shoots the helicopter, he saves the VP by pushing a bad guy into the side of the SUV, and Boyd raises the bad guy's hand to fire on the other bad guy. The weapon changes dramatically to the one that Boyd fires at the other bad guy. (00:05:45)


Continuity mistake: During the bridge shootup scene the cops on the bikes shoot at a police car (in front of the vehicles carrying the VP), and it swerves then hits the bridge. In the following shot looking back at the SUV's, there is no crashed police car at the side of the bridge. (00:03:50)


Continuity mistake: When Tom Arnold is bringing Steven S. the info he requested he walks up to him and is placing his knapsack on his shoulder, the camera angle changes and Tom has the knapsack in his hands as he is walking up to him.

Visible crew/equipment: During the bridge shootup scene when two cops are at the side of the bridge with motorcycles, Boyd hits the cop closest to the bridge and we see it is a dummy. (00:04:45)


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Steven Segal extends his hand out to help the little girl up, he first puts out his left hand, then in the camera view you see his right hand being grabbed by the little girl, then when the view changes again, she is holding his left hand.

Linda, Anger Management Therapist: Mr. Boyd, I believe that you were sent to us because of work related stress, aggression towards authority figures, and an all-round lack of discipline.
Orin Boyd: I'm fine. You can move on. Other people want to say something.

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