Ocean's Eleven
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Continuity mistake: Linus and Rusty are standing in the Botanical Garden at the Bellagio going over Linus' observations. Rusty has a cocktail glass of shrimp in hand. When they change angles he has a plate in his hand, then change back, it's a glass. Full screen version. (00:43:40)

Plot hole: Where do the flyers come from that are in the bags that are carried out of the vault and into the van? Danny and Linus couldn't have taken them down there and there is no room with the Chinese man. They are carried out to the van before the SWAT team appears, which means they'd have to have been in the vault to start with? In the commentary by Steven Soderbergh he acknowledges that there's no explanation. (01:35:05)

Continuity mistake: Walsh, the casino manager, is with Saul Bloom, watching the briefcase being put into the vault. However, at the exact same time, Walsh is seen escorting Frank Catton from the building. (01:13:15)

Plot hole: When Bruiser (the man who's supposed to beat up Danny) is faking the noises of punching Danny, the two thugs can hear him through the door. But earlier, he punched Danny by accident, then started to talk to him. The thugs should have been able to hear their talking through the door as well. (01:15:30)

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Suggested correction: It's possible Benedict's thugs couldn't hear Danny and Bruiser's conversation earlier since they were just speaking normally, but they can hear Bruiser playing up the "beating" by being deliberately loud and crashing into the furniture.

I do not believe that is correct because Ocean yelled after Bruiser hit him.

Continuity mistake: When Rusty is talking to Linus, giving him instructions, he is constantly eating an ice cream with a spoon. When he sets the ice cream down and leaves the room the entire ice cream is still there, two untouched scoops of ice cream. Obviously the cup was refilled during a cut.

Plot hole: We see the team steal roughly $163,000,000 dollars via a phony SWAT team. Six disguised SWAT members go down and eight SWAT members (now including Yen and Linus) come up with the money hidden in duffel bags and load it into their fake SWAT truck and drive off. The problem? $163 million in hundred dollar bills weighs nearly 3600 pounds. That would require each man to carry 450 pounds of bills up the elevator and across the casino floor at an brisk pace. Just lifting that much weight off the ground would be impossible for all but an advanced power lifter, but we see the eight (which includes a 100 pound gymnast and a geriatric) pick it up and walk out with ease. (01:35:30 - 01:41:20)

Visible crew/equipment: When the Malloy twins are introduced and seen racing each other with the monster trucks, the camera crew is seen several times in the reflection of the trucks. First when the camera pans out to see the large truck and then at the top of the door when the close up of Turk Malloy in the big truck is shown. (00:18:30)

Ocean's Eleven mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Rusty and Linus are talking about Benedict, (the same scene where the glass turns into a plate and back) the napkin also changes positions on his arm and the way it is laying. (00:43:35)


Continuity mistake: According to Everett at the end of the movie, the word Bellagio on the vault floor was made a few days ago. Now, go back and look at the scene which features a tilt shot of Danny and Linus entering the vault - one can see that there is no Bellagio on the vault floor. (01:25:30)

Visible crew/equipment: When the Amazing Yen is climbing out of the movable money safes in the casino vault, when he is actually climbing out you can see someone behind the movable safe helping the acrobat out. And then the camera angle changes, then at the left side, behind the safes, you can see the persons foot or back. It's black in colour.

Continuity mistake: When Basher is driving the white van in to set up the pinch, it has some kind of logo on the side, then in the next shot it's gone. (01:16:00)

Continuity mistake: When Danny and Rusty try to convince Reuben to join the team, the first shot from behind Reuben shows him picking up a fork, but in the next shot, his hands are gesturing in front of him.

Continuity mistake: Note the bad cut as the Chinese man is first knelt down looking at the briefcase on top of the mobile safe then a camera angle change shows him stood and looking behind him before positioning himself to jump. Then note how his body angle changes when falling off the top of the cabinet between cuts. Look carefully to the right of the screen and you can see a Perspex sheet wobbling. (01:23:05)

Paul Andrews

Ocean's Eleven mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Tess is looking at the painting just before Terry Benedict joins her, the man on her left side explaining about the painting wears glasses that reflect the camera crew. It is especially clear if you watch it in high-definition. (00:46:40)

Niki Topgaard

Continuity mistake: In the race between the big truck and the radio controlled little truck, the position of the tires relative to the start line changes between scene cuts.

Ocean's Eleven mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Danny leaves prison after his probation violation and meets Rusty, he is wearing the tuxedo he was arrested in and has an untied bow tie. The location of the untied bow tie changes several times.

Visible crew/equipment: After Rusty makes the proposal to Benedict and Tess finds him on the casino floor, the next shot shows Benedict thinking. When the camera pans across you can see the reflection of the crew in the glass wall behind Benedict. You can see this over his right shoulder for a few seconds. The crew is also seen in the next shot panning back across the room in the same exact place. (01:32:40)

Visible crew/equipment: When the men are standing around the EMP generator, the camera crew is reflected in the glass of the device.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the middle of the film where Livingston is telling Danny that he has been red-flagged, Reuben is sitting on a couch smoking. In one shot we see him from the front taking a puff with his cigarette in his right hand, then in the following shot from behind Reuben the cigarette is now in his left hand. (00:59:35)


Ocean's Eleven mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Linus is on the train with Danny watching him, his pen changes from being in his right hand in one shot, to being in his mouth in the next shot. (00:25:20)


Danny: Does he make you laugh?
Tess: He doesn't make me cry.

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Trivia: The order in which people left the fountain was completely improvised - Steven Soderbergh just told the actors to leave in whatever order they felt was right.

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Question: What is the name of the soundtrack being played when Benedict is watching the tape and rusty is explaining him the escape plan?

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