The 51st State

Continuity mistake: When Felix looks out at the Anfield pitch you can see executive boxes on the opposite stand. He is meant to be in an executive box but can't be, as only one stand at Anfield has boxes. (01:16:20)

Continuity mistake: Samuel L Jackson has Emily Mortimer dangling from the top of a night club. In the close up shots of their hands, Miss Mortimer is clasping onto Sam's bare hand but in the distant shots you can clearly see her dangling onto the cuffs of his jacket. You can notice this a couple of times. (01:04:40)

Revealing mistake: In the "Mexican Standoff" between Felix's Jaguar and the Police Car (a Vauxhall Omega) both cars pass the same three parked cars in shot after shot after shot This because the alley the scene was filmed in is not as long as the movie makes it appear - so they repeated the shots of the Jaguar and the Police Car passing the same parked cars several times. (00:36:35)

Continuity mistake: When McElroy is welcomed by Durant, Durant is holding a cup in his hand. Then suddenly Durant has his hand in his suit pocket and the cup is gone. (00:27:15)


Factual error: When McElroy and Fitz arrive at Anfield their car is driving through the Shankley Gates, but when they park their car, they are parking it near the Executive boxes entrance which is actually part of the Centenary Stand which is the opposite side of the stadium where they first drove to. Also at the end of the film McElroy walks off from one of the bars in the Kop Stand to his car which you can now see outside the doors. The Kop Stand is on another side of the stadium and there is no direct access from the Centenary Stand to the Kop. (01:14:20)

Continuity mistake: When the Lizard explodes, the golf clubs are completely clean yet the floor they are resting on and all the surroundings are covered in viscera. (01:21:50)

Continuity mistake: When McElroy and Felix jumps with their car into the thug boat, the hood of the car opens up while in the air. But in the shot when we look at their faces through the front window of the car the hood is down, then it's up again. (00:38:40)


Continuity mistake: When Dakota follows Elmo and Felix to the boat junk yard, the first time she is seen her hair is a mess, but when she stops and looks at them it is nice and smooth.

Other mistake: Just as the Lizard explodes we see Liverpool score, but you can also see that there are no names on the back of the players' shirts. However, every team in the English Premiership must have them. This is probably due to licensing issues but its a mistake nonetheless.

Continuity mistake: When McElroy gets on his plane he puts his coat and hat on the seat next beside him, sits down and grabs something to read from the seat in front of him. A few shots later he is still reading but now the coat and hat is gone. (00:12:10)


Continuity mistake: When Felix nearly punches the Pakistani, in the shot from behind, Elmo catches him by holding his arm and putting his other arm around his waist. However, in the next front shot, he has his arm around Felix's neck. Also, the skins suddenly appear.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dakota goes to see Mrs. DeSouza, watch the suds on the window that Dakota is looking through. They change shape constantly, and sometimes disappear altogether. (00:48:15)

Continuity mistake: When Kane is questioning Durant he has a stick in his right hand. Then suddenly it's gone. (00:44:10)


Visible crew/equipment: In the opening scene Dakota slides down the bell rope and the shot changes to the interior of the bell. Visible wires come out of the clanger to either side. (00:05:35)

Detective Virgil Kane: Seven shades of shit in a one shit trumpet, sir.

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