The 51st State

Corrected entry: Icky downs the same drink in the executive box as the Lizard, but he doesn't explode later on.

Correction: The reason he doesn't explode is that vodka is in one beverage and the mixture in another: hence the umbrella to tell them apart. Camera cuts to show two bottles and the Lizard comments on the umbrella "touches".

Corrected entry: When Dakota takes Elmo to the roof of the building it is right after the police did a drug raid on the club below. While they are on the roof we hear no police sirens, no flashing lights and see no police cars. When the police perform a raid they surround all of the building, have their lights flashing, and are often accompanied by a police helicopter which will hover above the scene to point out fleeing suspects.


Correction: Not necessarily. There have been lots of drug raids done on clubs, motorcycle gang clubhouses, and grow operations done around here, with absolutley NO sirens, lights or commotion. It depends on the jurisdiction, and whether stealth is preferred over a swift, noisy approach. You can often collar more suspects by infiltrating the building, than letting you presence be known.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Felix De Souza goes into the pub to wind up the Manchester United supporters, the big give away that the pub is not in Manchester (as suggested by them turning off in the car to head to Manchester) was the purple Liverpool Wheelie bins. (00:16:30)

Correction: Is it not possible that certain areas in Manchester have purplue Wheelie bins? I have a purple wheelie bin where I live, but others in my city have brown and green ones.


Corrected entry: Getting on towards the end of the movie when Felix De Souza and McElroy are at Felix's Mums house, they are getting ready to go to the football game. Felix Puts on a Liverpool team Scarf on. The next time we see Felix and McElroy ariving at the Football ground Felix has now got a plain red wool scarf with white and yellow on the ends around his neck. (01:13:45 - 01:14:40)

Correction: As Felix is a big Liverpool FC fan, he would probably have more than one scarf. He changed his mind about which one to wear.

Corrected entry: When Felix goes home to his mother's house, it's breakfast time, and he's carrying a copy of the Liverpool Echo. As any Scouser will tell you, the Liverpool Echo is an EVENING paper, that hits the streets around 4pm. Was Felix having a very very late breakfast? (01:08:50)

Correction: It could be the previous evening's paper, which can still be available early the following morning.

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Corrected entry: Early on in the film, Felix is shot in the backside ('just a flesh wound' according to the dialogue). But later on in the movie, when we are in the "love making scene", Felix's backside appears in several shots, with no wounds, no scars, not even the slightest trace of blood being shed.

Correction: Just before they get in the bath, you can there is a hole in his boxers and there is blood. It is his right buttock.

Corrected entry: When Felix is in the police car park after stealing the lawyer's car keys he presses the locking button to see which car it is. When the camera cuts away to the car's indicators flashing you can see him walking away in the background. Then the camera cuts back to him and he's standing still.

Correction: There is no mistake in this scene. He's never walking away.

Corrected entry: When they arrive at the Manchester pub, the blackboard outside says Manchester Utd v. Liverpool but the match itself is played at Anfield, Liverpool's Home ground. In Britain, the home team is ALWAYS first on the team sheet, no matter where it is written so the match (written the way it was) should have been played at Old Trafford. (00:15:50)

Correction: Theoretically correct, but bear in mind it's a MANCHESTER pub. Mancunians regard Scousers as the sworn enemy, and therefore would not be too keen at seeing Liverpool's name before Man Utd's regardless of where the game is being played.

Andy Benham Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Felix looks out at the Anfield pitch you can see executive boxes on the opposite stand. He is meant to be in an executive box but can't be, as only one stand at Anfield has boxes. (01:16:20)

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Detective Virgil Kane: Seven shades of shit in a one shit trumpet, sir.

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