The 51st State

Factual error: When McElroy and Fitz arrive at Anfield their car is driving through the Shankley Gates, but when they park their car, they are parking it near the Executive boxes entrance which is actually part of the Centenary Stand which is the opposite side of the stadium where they first drove to. Also at the end of the film McElroy walks off from one of the bars in the Kop Stand to his car which you can now see outside the doors. The Kop Stand is on another side of the stadium and there is no direct access from the Centenary Stand to the Kop. (01:14:20)

Continuity mistake: When Felix looks out at the Anfield pitch you can see executive boxes on the opposite stand. He is meant to be in an executive box but can't be, as only one stand at Anfield has boxes. (01:16:20)

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The Lizard: I want McElroy kept alive.
Dakota: I don't do alive, I do dead.

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