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Revealing mistake: In the final racing scene, when Dominic's car hits the truck and flips in the air, you can clearly see the stunt driver's helmet as the car turns in the air. (01:37:45)

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Revealing mistake: When Brian is maxing out his car in the parking lot at the beginning of the film, when he spins out his reverse lights are on. (00:03:30)

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene when showing the truck full of Panasonic goods, there are products to the ceiling on the left and right, but very little in the center. Trucks are always loaded uniformly to prevent load shift damage, especially the type that would have occurred during the hijack from the swerving side to side. (00:00:50)

Revealing mistake: In the truck chase towards the end, Leon says "I got her, you get Vince off that truck." While he speaks he is speeding along, but his tachometer and speedometer read zero. (01:21:10)

The Fast and the Furious mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Leon is told to go and get Letty after she is pushed off the road by the lorry, you can see skidmarks on the road from previous takes. (01:21:10)

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Revealing mistake: In the race with the four cars in the beginning, if you look inside Ja Rule's car you can see it's not him. (00:18:35)

Revealing mistake: In the first race, Brian is going at 140 Mph but his hood clip cable is straight in the air and is not moving. (00:19:25)

Revealing mistake: When Dom crashes his Charger into a semi, the semi is approaching in the shot from behind the Charger. When the camera angle changes to the front view, the semi is stationary. In this shot, the semi has no front left wheel, and as the Charger passes through the hood of the truck, there is no engine in the truck.

Revealing mistake: During the high-speed chase with the tractor trailer, Vince fires one grappling wire through the truck's passenger windscreen to pull the glass out. He fires a second grappling wire through the now-open windscreen and grapples the passenger seat, then attaches the grappling wire to his harness and leaps to the front of the truck. So, his only tether to the truck is the horizontal grappling wire attached inside the truck cab. But, when the truck driver slams on the brakes, Vince is catapulted around the truck's front-end to the side door, his full weight suspended from a visible, vertical line that is attached to something several feet above the truck cab. The taut line from above even crushes the truck's side-view mirror under Vince's weight. This is the stuntman's safety cable, attached to an overhead boom mounted out-of-frame on top of the truck rig.

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Revealing mistake: Just as the lorry and Civics approach the roadworks there are skid marks on the road from previous takes. (00:02:30)

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Revealing mistake: Just as the hijackers gain control of the first lorry there is one shot where you can see down the length of the passenger side of the lorry and the rear doors are open and pinned back. (00:02:15)

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Revealing mistake: When Brian's car explodes after being shot up you can see the air cannon when the car goes up in the air.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when Brian shoots the guy on the motorcycle, he gets out of the car and clearly shuts the door before crossing the street, but when he runs back to the car to chase Dom, the door is open. (01:34:23)

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Johnny Tran: I'll see you in the desert next month. Be ready to have your ass handed to you.
Dom: You're gonna need more than that crotch rocket.
Johnny Tran: I got something for you.

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Trivia: When the "pizza boy" is stopped by the drag racing, the driver is Rob Cohen, the film's director. (00:15:48)

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Question: Jessie is using a car design program from the Supra. Does anyone know either what the program is or where to get it?


Chosen answer: It's not a real program, just some CGI. As well as when the pictures of "what it could look like" show up. Those are existing pictures of the car.

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