Best movie visible crew/equipment of 1995

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Judge Dredd picture

Visible crew/equipment: When asking the street gang in the street war sequence to drop their weapons ("I am the law") you can clearly see the cable the microphone is connected to running from the back of Stallone's helmet. This cable is not visible before or after.

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Persuasion picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Louisa Musgrove falls from the Cobb, Anne Eliot tells Capt. Benwick to run for a surgeon. Immediately afterwards, Capt. Wentworth runs from the left side of the screen to the right, and the camera pans a little to the right with him. In the background, at the right of the screen, is a blue car parked on the lower Cobb and masts of modern-day yachts.

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Bad Boys picture Bad Boys mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the car chase scene between the Porsche and the AC Cobra on the runway, a shadow of the camera as well as the boom can be seen just as the Porsche drives between the concrete blocks. This can be seen at normal speed but is best viewed in slow motion. (01:46:00)

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Jumanji picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning when the bats come out of the fireplace and chase young Sarah out of the house, you can very plainly see the reflection of the cameraman in the door handle after the doors close. (00:14:40)

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Species picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where she drives the car (with the kidnapped woman in it) down the hill towards the breaker/electrical box, when she hops out at the very last second you can clearly see a person dressed all in black sitting in the driver's seat driving the car down the hill.

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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Jamie is driving the pickup truck and Michael Myers is driving the van chasing her right when Michael turns the headlights on you can see two people in the van. (00:15:50)

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Four Rooms picture

Visible crew/equipment: In this shot, Tim Roth is talking on the phone. In the background over his left shoulder you can see a crew member walk across the background. This takes place over about 4-6 frames on the DVD. (01:06:20)

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Dolores Claiborne picture

Visible crew/equipment: Crewmembers, reflectors, cameras and equipment are clearly visible in Selena's sunglasses many times, most noticeably when she is standing on the ferry smoking a cigarette, and also in the following shots when she is driving along in her car. (00:06:10)

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The Brady Bunch Movie picture

Visible crew/equipment: The camera car, which is followed by a motorcycle cop in a white helmet, is visibly reflected in a couple of store windows, in the first minute of the movie. (00:00:25)

Jeff Swanson

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Under Siege 2 picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Ryback throws the exploding bomb into the car that the bad guys are in, one of the guys bursts into flames and you can see the white fire safety mask that he is wearing.


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Canadian Bacon picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the presidential procession is going down a street in the very beginning, on one of the black cars you can see the reflection of the vehicle with the camera crew shooting the movie.

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Father of the Bride Part II picture

Visible crew/equipment: When George and Annie are outside discussing the sale of the house and shooting basketballs, look out for the dolly track as the camera pulls back.

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The Jerky Boys picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Johnny and Kamal escape the hot dog place and Tony pulls up in his car he screams at the two guys to get in the car. As the guy is running around the car, check out the driver. It's clearly not fat Tony, but a skinny stunt driver.

Joe Campbell

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Get Shorty picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Chili and Harry are riding down the street and Harry is telling about the script that he wants to buy and why he needs $500,000, you can see the camera and crews reflection in the windows behind them.

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