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Continuity mistake: During the sales trip the two main characters stop at a gas station to get gas. during this stop Tommy bends the door back and after some struggle gets it to the normal door position. Before Richard gets back to the car however there is a shot of the door all dented up but in place. When Richard pulls the door off it falls to the ground and there isn't a single dent on it. (Also, is it me or does it seem a little ridiculous that someone that loves his car so much didn't notice the large dent down the edge of the door as he faced it while walking from the station to the car?)

Revealing mistake: When Tommy is trying to bend the car door back you can see a wire holding the door in place so that Tommy can hit it as hard as he wants and it won't go back in place.

Continuity mistake: The deer knocks the rear-view mirror off the windshield, however, when the boys are driving down the highway and the car hood flies off, you can see the mirror again, then it's gone and then it's back again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tommy and his 'girlfriend' are sitting in the boat and about to get picked on by the kids on the shore, Tommy's Life jacket changes. One shot it's got a white line and a button on it and in the next shot, they're not there. Then the line and button show up again.

Continuity mistake: In the "fat guy in a little coat" scene, you can see Chris Farley's reflection in the window; he's wearing only a white T-shirt. When it cuts back to him, he's in David Spade's coat, trying to rip it.

Factual error: You hear Richard unzip his pants when he sees the woman diving into the pool, but even before he goes to the window he is wearing boxers. Boxers are all buttoned, they don't have zippers.

Factual error: Rob Lowe gets into his red Cadillac and is strangled by the motorized seat belt - no Cadillac model ever had motorized seat belts.

Visible crew/equipment: When Rob Lowe arrives on the Greyhound, the camera starts from high and moves down. Its reflection is visible in the windshield of the bus.

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Character mistake: When Tommy is being shown his new office the glass reads "Thomas R. Callahan III, " but when Tommy is introduced as the new President of the company he is introduced as "Tom Callahan, Jr." which would be his dad. (00:11:35 - 02:11:55)

Revealing mistake: When Richard (David Spade) vacuums the "moths", you can clearly see they are little balls of cotton or other material being blown by a chute of air to make them appear as if they were flying.

Factual error: When the two are travelling the country to sell the brake pads, when they go to Detroit, it is not Detroit. The Detroit skyline looks nothing like that and the Detroit road sign appears to be added/airbrushed in.

Continuity mistake: At the end of scene 14, where Tommy is driving and the hood pops up, you can see a clear view of the motor, and there is no oil can. When they stop, after the hood gets ripped off, Richard points out the can.

Continuity mistake: When Tommy is changing in the small airplane bathroom, the tie that he has on before it gets stuck in the toilet is different then the one he has on after he gets it unstuck.


Visible crew/equipment: Before Beverley comes out of the pool, a crew member and a boom mike are reflected in the glass door that Big Tom closes.

Deliberate mistake: The huge bruise on Tommy's face, from the board hitting him, disappears in less than a day.

Continuity mistake: When Tommy is changing in the bathroom, there is some paper towels in the sink. In the next shot it dissapears, and then it comes back along with a coat hanger.

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Character mistake: When Tommy is looking at his grade, the names are suppose to be in alphabetical order. However, "Blackburn, William" appears after "Bollen, Max" when it should have come before.


Continuity mistake: When Tommy and Richard pick up the hitchhiker, the close ups show the windshield with many more small spider cracks in it than later scenes with the car where you only see a few large cracks instead.


Continuity mistake: In the last scene of the movie Tommy is sitting in the boat on the lake with no wind. As he talks to his dad there is no rope above his shoulder in the pulley at the end of the boom. After the wind picks up and he gets hit in the head with the boom there is a rope on the pulley. (01:32:30)

Continuity mistake: When Richard and Tommy are trying to sell brake pads and Tommy eventually catches the model car on fire, Tommy eventually sets a blue model car on a pad of paper where a couple of things happen. First, when Tommy says "I CAN'T STOP!" the right front tire on the blue model is all of a sudden bent outward. After Tommy destroys and catches the other model on fire, not only does the tire fix itself, but the car changes positions on the pad of paper numerous times.

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Tommy: You know a lot of people go to college for seven years.
Richard: I know. They're called doctors.

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Trivia: When Tommy meets his "Stepmother," he says something like "Dad, she's a 10." That's because the actress, Bo Derek, starred in the movie "10" (1980).

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