Tommy Boy

Deliberate mistake: The huge bruise on Tommy's face, from the board hitting him, disappears in less than a day.

Deliberate mistake: Why would Richard, big Tom's 'right hand man,' have to drive his cherished vintage car on a business trip that would take him hundreds, if not a thousand miles? He surely could have taken a company vehicle. Of course, then they couldn't do the 'car slowly and humorously being destroyed' shtick.

Brian Katcher

Revealing mistake: When Tommy is trying to bend the car door back you can see a wire holding the door in place so that Tommy can hit it as hard as he wants and it won't go back in place.

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Tommy: Does this suit make me look fat?
Richard: No, your face does.

Cubs Fan
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Trivia: On the print out of the grades, one of the student's name is Helen Keller. She got an F.

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