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Revealing mistake: In the scene where they are on the plane, right after the old women comes out of a stinky bathroom, you can tell it's not the back of David Spade's head when he goes in for the 3 sec change. (01:16:00)


Visible crew/equipment: Filming equipment is reflected in the window of a passing car in the scene where Tommy is relieving himself on the side of the road.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene of the movie Tommy is sitting in the boat on the lake with no wind. As he talks to his dad there is no rope above his shoulder in the pulley at the end of the boom. After the wind picks up and he gets hit in the head with the boom there is a rope on the pulley. (01:32:30)

Continuity mistake: When Richard and Tommy are trying to sell brake pads and Tommy eventually catches the model car on fire, Tommy eventually sets a blue model car on a pad of paper where a couple of things happen. First, when Tommy says "I CAN'T STOP!" the right front tire on the blue model is all of a sudden bent outward. After Tommy destroys and catches the other model on fire, not only does the tire fix itself, but the car changes positions on the pad of paper numerous times.

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Continuity mistake: When Chris Farley and David Spade get into a fight on the side of the road and David Spade hits Farley with a can see and hear Spade drop the 2x4 twice. [He doesn't drop it twice. He breaks half of the board and if falls. Then he drops the other half.]

Continuity mistake: Tommy and Tom Sr. are celebrating the engagement and drinking champagne. In one shot, Tommy is holding the glass in one hand, while in the shot immediately following, he holds it in the other.

Continuity mistake: Three types of airplanes are used for the flight to Chicago. The exterior loading and taxi shots show a Boeing 747. The interior shots show another Boeing (the overhead bins, sidewall panels, etc., are distinctively Boeing), but it's smaller like a 767, because it only has 2 seats by the window and 3 in the center. The exterior shot in flight shows a Lockheed L1011, with its distinctive S-duct for the center engine.

Factual error: When Paul flies off the hood of the crash test car when it stops, he should have kept going in a straight line. Instead, he flies off to the side at a sharp angle and lands in the seat testing department.

Continuity mistake: When Tommy is in the airplane bathroom, his tie gets sucked into the toilet and stained with blue dye - in the next scene there's no stain on it, although it's the same tie.

Deliberate mistake: Why would Richard, big Tom's 'right hand man,' have to drive his cherished vintage car on a business trip that would take him hundreds, if not a thousand miles? He surely could have taken a company vehicle. Of course, then they couldn't do the 'car slowly and humorously being destroyed' shtick.

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Continuity mistake: When Tommy's "stepbrother", Paul, is shooting out the tyres he drops a cigar. When panned out there is no cigar on the ground.

Factual error: At the end of the movie when Tommy is in the boat and needs wind from his dad, you can see the bottom of the lake! If it were so shallow he would probably be grounded.

Revealing mistake: When Tommy runs into the glass door after a successful sale, he leaves a mark on the glass, clearly from makeup for filming, not just an oily face.

Tommy: But the Callahan factory has been in my family for seventy years. You can't just shut it down.
Ray Zalinsky: Son, you got to look at it from my point of view. Callahan's a premium name. That's what I'm buying. I can make the parts in one of my factories, put them in a Callahan box, and sell them in my stores at a premium price. Why keep your factory going when all I want's the god damn box?

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Trivia: On the print out of the grades, one of the student's name is Helen Keller. She got an F.


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Question: Why can't the kids at the back of the school bus just tell the driver to stop for Tommy instead of letting him chasing it?


Answer: He was the fat kid. I was teased in school for being the nerd who wore glasses and read books.

Answer: Because they're being mean and wanted to watch Tommy chase the bus.


He's an overweight doofus, which makes him a prime target for bullying.

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