Father of the Bride Part II

Continuity mistake: In the first movie, the wedding took place on January 6th. But in the opening sequence here the framed wedding invitation says October.

Continuity mistake: In the first film, George refers to the tree that the family carved their names in as being in the front yard. In the second film, this same tree is referred to as being in the backyard.

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Suggested correction: It is also established he can be scatterbrained when under strain, and he is often under strain, and there's no reason they can't have two trees for that purpose.


Other mistake: George and Nina are sitting in the kitchen when the ceiling leaks from the rain and George makes a comment about the roof leaking. The only problem is it is a two-story house, so the water must be coming from the floor above, not the roof.

William Bergquist

Other mistake: In the scene where it's talking about the hottest summer the city's ever had (or something to that effect) some neighborhood kids are frying an egg on the sidewalk. The problem is, they're sitting and kneeling on that same sidewalk with their bare legs, and don't seem to be in any pain or discomfort.


Revealing mistake: The monitors in the hospital attached to Mr. Banks's wife and daughter didn't move, although they should have shown something important about the patients.

Other mistake: When George is holding his newborn baby and his grandchild, you can see that the babies are actually dolls and not actual babies. I guess it made it easier for him to hold in some shots.

Visible crew/equipment: When George and Annie are outside discussing the sale of the house and shooting basketballs, look out for the dolly track as the camera pulls back.

Continuity mistake: Franc gives George two Vatsnik and he takes them both at the dinner table. George asks Matty to pass the rolls. Matty passes them with his right hand. When the scene zooms out and Franc, Nina, and Annie come into the dining room, Matty's left hand is on the roll basket.

Continuity mistake: When they show the wedding invitation at the start of the film, Annie's name is shown to be "Anne Elizabeth Banks" and yet in the first film during the wedding she is presented as "Anne Catherine Banks".

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: In the first movie Annie had lived in the house since she was five, something significant enough that they wouldn't forget. In the second movie, George and Annie had played their first basketball game at the house when she was four.

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Suggested correction: In the movie, when they are doing the basketball scene, George first asks Annie how many games she thinks they played out here. Then he says he remembers their first game, and it shows tiny Annie playing basketball with him on the same court. So it was at the same place.

Suggested correction: They never say where it was that she first started playing basketball. She could have very easily started playing at the age of four before they moved.

Continuity mistake: In George's montage of memories, the girl playing Annie as a little girl looks completely different from the one playing little girl Annie in the original movie.

Revealing mistake: The panicked drive to the hospital ostensibly takes place during the early evening, yet there is absolutely no traffic in downtown Los Angeles.

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Suggested correction: They don't live in Los Angeles, they live in San Marino.

Factual error: George is paid an extra $15,000 to move out of the house in ten days and he his paid in $1,000 bills. Although $1,000 bills do exist, they are not used by private citizens. They are only used by large banks.

William Bergquist

Other mistake: When George and Nina are driving to Annie's place to tell her about the pregnancy, Nina looks out of the window and you can tell no one is in the passenger seat. (00:43:26)

Other mistake: When George sells the house, he mentions living there for 18 years. This can't be right as it's mentioned in the first movie that Annie was 5 when they moved in. In the second movie she's 26, so that would mean they've lived there 21 years.

Nina Banks: Just because we're older doesn't mean we're old. This is the 90s.

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Trivia: Check out the Scrabble board after Annie moves back in. Words like "epidural, breech, and mother." All birth-related words. Talk about a theme game.

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Question: Is there any truth in the rumors that there is a subliminal message in the movie for American Express?

Jackie Menechino

Chosen answer: Well if there is it's too subliminal to notice - so no.

David Mercier

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