Best thriller movie revealing mistakes of 1992

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Dracula picture

Revealing mistake: When the vampire women are drinking Jonathan's blood, as Dracula flies into the room, the board carrying him is visible. (00:34:10)


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Pet Sematary II picture

Revealing mistake: When the kids are burying Gus, his supposedly dead face flinches when they shovel dirt on him.

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Passenger 57 picture

Revealing mistake: When the terrorists drop the dead body out the aircraft door, look closely at the aeroplane just beneath the door, you can see the reflection of the mat the stuntman lands on, as well as the spotters around it.

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Batman Returns picture

Revealing mistake: In one scene, the Penguin is making a "bat" shadow puppet on the ceiling. But there's no light behind his hands. If there's no light, there's no shadow. (01:03:45)

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Dr. Giggles picture

Revealing mistake: This is toward the end of the movie. The scene where Dr. Giggles has a waiting room full of his victims. If you watch closely, you will see the blonde corpse blink her eyes.

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Under Siege picture

Revealing mistake: When Ryback jury-rigs a timed explosive to destroy the helicopter, he uses a tin of paint thinner which is expected to fall off a hand grenade, thus releasing the spring on the grenade. However, when the explosion occurs you can see over Ryback's shoulder that the paint thinner tin hasn't moved at all, and that the explosion occurs inside the helicopter, not where the grenade was placed.

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Reservoir Dogs picture

Revealing mistake: In several driving scenes, the cars are visibly higher than the rest of traffic. Obviously a flatbed truck was used instead of a trailer for the filming of the interior shots.

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A Few Good Men picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Tom Cruise is yelling at/questioning Dawson at the jail in the witness room, immediately after Cruise gets up in Dawson's face and says, "I'm the only friend you've got," Cruise is supposed to simply turn and walk away. But you can see from the angle behind Dawson that Cruise' first step is a step down, indicating that he was on a pedestal of some sort to bring their heights closer together.

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El Mariachi picture

Revealing mistake: When El Mariachi is trying to escape Moco's men by sliding down a wire onto the bus, he first throws the ball-and-chain-weapon over the wire. But then when he slides down, you can see a pulley device that he is using, not the chain. (00:26:45)

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Single White Female picture

Revealing mistake: When Allie goes to vomit, the toilet moves like a prop. (01:18:00)

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Suggested correction: Have you ever lived in a New York apartment? I've had toilets that weren't fastened to the bathroom floor at all and was still charged 900 dollars a month in rent. It's not outlandish to think the bowl might wobble a little if the superintendent has been lazy. That elevator in the basement is still broken, after all.

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Jennifer 8 picture

Revealing mistake: When Lance Henrickson's character gets killed, there's a close-up of his flashlight lying in the snow with a rivulet of blood flowing past it. It's very obviously fake snow, since there are snowflakes floating on top of the blood.

Mark Bernhard

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Memoirs of an Invisible Man picture

Revealing mistake: When Nick returns to his apartment (after being made invisible) he immediately closes the curtains. Although he is invisible, we should see the curtains pulled closed at the point that he grabs them with his hands. Instead we see them close from the top, revealing they were closed either by a crewman or an automated process. Note: The curtains are NOT meant to be automatic in the film as we see and hear him physically close them.

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Poison Ivy picture

Revealing mistake: When Ivy falls to her death you can see her blinking when the rain hits her eyes just before the film fades to black.

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Rapid Fire picture

Revealing mistake: Right after Jake escapes from Tao's pinning him to the track towards the end, Tao is electrocuted, then falls to the tracks. When he stands up, he sees a train heading towards him. He cries out, sticks up his arms, and is hit by the train. In a quick shot just as the train hits, him, however, it is painfully obvious that it is actually a dummy that was placed in front of the train.

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Basic Instinct picture

Revealing mistake: Michael Douglas almost has a head-on collision with a bus as he chases Sharon Stone down the highway. If you look closely as he slams on his brakes, there are many skid marks in that exact same spot in the road from previous takes. (00:41:05)


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Patriot Games picture

Revealing mistake: When Sean shoots at Dennis the Bookseller's feet, puffs of sand do not erupt from the ground.

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Sleepwalkers picture

Revealing mistake: At the end, when the monster grabs the sheriff and throws him across the front yard, the sheriff lands on his back and his right arm falls into a beartrap. The trap snaps and the sheriff screams in pain, but only one jaw of the prop beartrap actually snaps into vertical position (the opposing jaw remains flat and doesn't move). A real beartrap snaps both jaws together vertically. So, the sheriff's hand doesn't get snapped at all.

Charles Austin Miller

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The Crying Game picture

Revealing mistake: About halfway through, when Dil throws the goldfish bowl out the window, the goldfish aren't flapping around on the ground, like they should do; they're either dead or fake fish.


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Thunderheart picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene when Crow Horse and Levoi are running from Coutelle and the "GOONS", they go off-road toward the stronghold. You can see in the grass the tire tracks from all the other takes. Especially as there is no reason any vehicle would leave the road at that place otherwise.

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