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Passenger 57 (1992)

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Revealing mistake: When the terrorists drop the dead body out the aircraft door, look closely at the aeroplane just beneath the door, you can see the reflection of the mat the stuntman lands on, as well as the spotters around it.


Continuity mistake: Liz Hurley shoots one of the FBI agents seated next to Rane, in the background the other agent can be seen with make-up on waiting to be shot next.


Continuity mistake: A sexy blond woman wearing a short hot-pink top, dark jacket and miniskirt exits the plane with the first 100 hostages. She leaves again later with the rest of the passengers and is seen leaving the plane again at the end when the members of the press surround the plane to question the agent.


Other mistake: In several of the scenes involving the helicopter the film was flipped. The registration numbers on the side of the chopper are backwards.


Continuity mistake: You can tell what order the scenes were shot in simply from the condition of Wesley Snipes' face. The actor obviously had a horrible skin problem throughout the film production - his face is riddled with acne and boils. When watching the film, keep particular attention to the right side of Snipes' face (in fact, many scenes are shot in order to avoid his right profile) for huge boil on his cheek - it keeps appearing and disappearing throughout the movie. Furthermore, you can even tell what scenes had to be reshot because the unsightly blemish appears and disappears even within the same scene.


Continuity mistake: The captain gets shot. The copilot is still in the right seat when requesting emergency landing (first landing). In the landing, someone's hand from the left (captain's) seat is moving the throttle controls yet the copilot's leg is visible (and moving) in the right seat. The copilot stays in the right seat when the plane departs again. (00:42:20)


Continuity mistake: When Wesley Snipes is brought down the control tower steps by the two cops, he is wearing handcuffs in the control room and then the handcuffs disappear when he throws the cops down the stairs.


Factual error: When the aircraft window is shot out, depressurization of the plane occurs shortly after the door of the plane blows off. When depressurization occurs, the pressure in the fuselage drops. Why would the door blow-out now when it held before with higher (normal) pressure?


Continuity mistake: When Wesley Snipes beats up the two cops hauling him down the stairs of the air traffic control tower, one cop's hat falls off. In the next shot of Snipes knocking him down the stairs, the hat is back on.


Continuity mistake: One scene takes place supposedly at a county fair in Louisiana. Louisiana doesn't have counties, they have parishes.


Continuity mistake: After Cutter crashes through the fence, you see the black box with the antenna that was sitting on the back of the motorcycle fall off. When he gets to the fairground, the black box is back on the back of the motorcycle.


Continuity mistake: When Charles Rane runs away from the police at the start of the movie, he shoves a guy in a brown suit over, but in the next shot the guy has now completely disappeared.


Factual error: Just after Ranes shoots a hostage, when in the standoff with Cutter, the pistol (a Beretta semi-auto) is shown uncocked, which wouldn't happen normally since the movement of the bolt after the shooting to eject the capsule also cocks the guns automatically.

Factual error: When the large airliner is brought down at the the small, regional airport, a huge movable stairway is rolled up to the aircraft so that people can disembark. There is absolutely no reason why a stairway designed for major jet aircraft would be sitting at a small airport that didn't even have runways long enough to accommodate such large airplanes.

Factual error: The L-1011 lands at the small airport and the hijackers demand fuel. When the fuel tanker shows up with the fuel, the fueler opens the fuel panel and puts an 'overwing' nozzle up inside the fuel panel. This type of nozzle would only be used if the fueler was on top of the wing filling the wing through a small gas-cap type of fueling point.

Factual error: First, when Raine fires his gun and blows out a window, it causes explosive decompression which results in a door being blown off. It has been proven (Discovery TV's "Mythbusters") that explosive decompression does not result from a gunshot hole. The plane would, of course, lose pressure, but slowly. Even explosive decompression would not rip a door off its frame. Second, with the plane decompressed, Cutter and Raine (and everyone else) would have passed out within 15 seconds from hypoxia. It's funny that not a single person in view of the cameras actually put an oxygen mask on. Third, as soon as decompression was detected, any well-trained pilot would have put the plane into a dive immediately to get it below 10000, so that passengers wouldn't die. It is interesting that even at the end of the fight, as we see Raine falling to the ground, the plane is still flying straight and level at altitude.

Plot hole: When Rane and the other terrorists come out the bottom of the plane and start walking towards the fairgrounds, it is amazing how not one police officer or staff member of the airport notices that they came out from under the plane, or that they don't seem to be walking off the plane like the other passengers.


Audio problem: When Cutter rolls at shoots at Vincent, we can hear the distinct sound of his pistol. However, we see a shot of the pistol's slide in the open/locked position, meaning he's run out of ammo, but we can still hear the pistol being fired a few times after that.


Continuity mistake: When Cutter is approaching the fence on the motorcycle, you can see a chain and lock around the middle. However, in shots from the other side of the fence, there is no chain seen around the middle.


Continuity mistake: When Cutter takes out the first terrorist in the bathroom, you can see the toilet seat is down (and the lid is up). When Cutter pushes him through the bathroom door, the seat and lid are both up. The seat is back down when the terrorist's head is dunked.


John Cutter: Now I'm sick of your shit.
Charles Rane: You need the passengers, I need the plane. Put me back on board and the passengers will be released.
John Cutter: Yeah right. I'm supposed to trust you?
Charles Rane: Trust your instincts.
John Cutter: My instincts are to wax your ass all over this floor.
Charles Rane: Those are your emotions acting without the benefit of intellect.

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Trivia: At the fairground, when Rane and the two terrorists walk away as Cutter is arriving, there's a white Honda Civic seen. It's license plate reads "outatime", the same as the plate on the DeLorean in Back to the Future.

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Question: How can the plane take off from this country airport when they seem so worried about a short landing?

Answer: The plane would not be able to take off from that small airport.

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