Passenger 57

Plot hole: When Rane and the other terrorists come out the bottom of the plane and start walking towards the fairgrounds, it is amazing how not one police officer or staff member of the airport notices that they came out from under the plane, or that they don't seem to be walking off the plane like the other passengers.


Plot hole: When the police and FBI arrest Rane at the fairgrounds, Cutter tells them Vincent (one of Rane's men) is also at the fair, and wearing a tan jacket. Cutter did not see Vincent leave the plane and never saw him at the fair, and when he last saw him on the plane he was not wearing this jacket. So how could he know Vincent was at the fair and wearing a tan jacket?


Plot hole: The airport at which the plane lands is only supposed to have a small airfield. Yet near the end we see the huge plane roaring down the runway for more than a minute, which would be impossible on a small airfield.


Plot hole: When Cutter is already up with the pilots, and Rane hears the elevator come up and grabs the stewardess, he tells her to open the door. How could the elevator come up without someone pushing the button, as the terrorist was dead?


Plot hole: While Cutter is in the bathroom, the first thing he hears of the terrorists taking over the plane, is one of them yelling "sit down". If he heard that, how could he have not heard the gun shots when Ms. Ritchie shot the FBI agents, or the sounds of screaming passengers?


Plot hole: Liz Hurley, who is one of the hijackers, learns that Cutter is an undercover security agent. Yet for some reason she fails to pass this on to any of the other hijackers. When they take over none of them appear to have any knowledge of Cutter.


Revealing mistake: When the terrorists drop the dead body out the aircraft door, look closely at the aeroplane just beneath the door, you can see the reflection of the mat the stuntman lands on, as well as the spotters around it.

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John Cutter: Now I'm sick of your shit.
Charles Rane: You need the passengers, I need the plane. Put me back on board and the passengers will be released.
John Cutter: Yeah right. I'm supposed to trust you?
Charles Rane: Trust your instincts.
John Cutter: My instincts are to wax your ass all over this floor.
Charles Rane: Those are your emotions acting without the benefit of intellect.

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Trivia: FBI Agent Dwight Henderson is portrayed by Robert Hooks, the father of director Kevin Hooks.

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Question: How can the plane take off from this country airport when they seem so worried about a short landing?

Answer: The plane would not be able to take off from that small airport.

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