Single White Female

Continuity mistake: When Allie takes a photo of the "perfect roomate", the roomate's pose in the photo doesn't match her pose and position at the time taken.

Hamster Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Heddy leaves the shower nude after assaulting Graham, she wraps a towel around herself while talking to Allie. She walks into the bedroom with Allie following her in talking, and in the next interior bedroom shot, Heddy is instantaneously wearing a robe over a nightgown.

Revealing mistake: When Allie goes to vomit, the toilet moves like a prop. (01:18:00)

Audio problem: When Sam is trying to win back Allie's love, his mouth does not move while he's talking and rubbing her neck.


Continuity mistake: When Allie gets up from the bed to go down the hall to the answer machine she is totally nude. When she comes back and reaches around the corner for a towel she has underwear on.

Dennis Gannon

Revealing mistake: After Allie writes the suicide note that Heddy dictates to her, Heddy fires her gun but it has the safety on it.

Hamster Premium member

Revealing mistake: When Hedy, pretending to be Allie, tricks Sam by giving him oral sex, the camera shows where her head is when she is supposedly doing this - and her head is in line with approximately his ribcage. Unless Sam had some sort of medical anomaly, she was quite a bit off the mark, so to speak.

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