Best movie deliberate mistakes of 1992

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Reservoir Dogs picture

Deliberate mistake: In the torture scene, Mr Blonde turns the radio on and listens to "Stuck in the Middle with You" as he proceeds to torture the cop. Mr Orange shoots him before Mr Blonde turns the radio off, but somehow the radio is never heard again in the film.

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Batman Returns picture

Deliberate mistake: When the penguin goes into the cemetery, he bumps a tombstone and it moves. Almost certainly a tribute to legendarily poor director Ed Wood, who Tim Burton later directed a biopic of - this exact thing happened in one of his films. (00:39:15)

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3 Ninjas picture

Deliberate mistake: During the sting attempt towards the beginning, Douglas confronts Snyder on the roof of the building. A helicopter rises up from nowhere without making any sound prior to that.

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Newsies picture

Deliberate mistake: When David brings Jack home to meet the family and at the beginning of Santa Fe number.It starts raining buckets during dinner and the cake scene, but less than a minute passes and it is dry enough to sit down on the stairs at the beginning of the Santa Fe number. Then during the song "Santa Fe" and later in the dance sequence, the ground is dry as Jack is kicking up dust.


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A Few Good Men picture

Deliberate mistake: The extras used in the scene when Danny gets assigned the case appear again as members of the jury. If Danny's colleagues were called as jury members for a trial all would have to declare a conflict of interest and be ineligible to hear the case. (00:09:30 - 01:03:25)

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Army of Darkness picture

Deliberate mistake: Ash's car breaks out into the courtyard and the whirling, windmill thing batters the Deadites aside. We see the carnage a couple of times filmed from different angles, one Deadite, planted, legs apart, gets battered twice and the guys who come in from the left and are quickly jerked off screen are shown again seconds later.

Phillip Churchfield

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Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth picture

Deliberate mistake: Joey finds Channard's photo of Capt. Elliot Spencer in the closed art gallery but Kirsty stole that photo and gave it to Pinhead in the second film, where it was left on the floor of Hell. Also, all the sketches of the box were amongst the things from Channard's institute but those pictures and the other similar ones were from Dr. Channard's home collection. They were never kept at the institute.

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Suggested correction: It was actually in a room in the institute. Not hell. Easy enough to retrieve it.


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The Last of the Mohicans picture

Deliberate mistake: Rhododendrons, visible in the opening scene and mentioned specifically in the shooting script, do not grow in the Adirondacks.

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Lorenzo's Oil picture

Deliberate mistake: When Michaela reads "The Once and Future King" to Lorenzo, she doesn't start at the beginning, even though she's never read him that book before. Not only does she not open the book to the first page, the words she reads are not at the beginning of the book (I believe they are about three or four chapters in).

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Universal Soldier picture

Deliberate mistake: At the start of the movie when the articulated truck is leaving the aircraft, you never see the attached trailer until the truck is completely flat on the runway. This is because of the steepness of the loading ramp, the trailer would ground and get stuck on the ramp.


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A League Of Their Own picture

Deliberate mistake: During the Hall of Fame sequence at the end, Dottie sees the display about Jimmie hitting 58 home runs and there is a long wide shot of it as she stands next to it. Then there is a close-up of the bottom of the text which says born 1906 - died 1987, which wasn't present during the wide shot a moment earlier. The filmmakers likely saved this for the close-up for dramatic effect, but by blocking the initial shot without that part obscured it makes the text magically appear out of nowhere.


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Under Siege picture

Deliberate mistake: When the terrorists attack the ship the shot then goes to an external view of a Marine getting shot. The Marine falls but you can actually see him jump. (01:23:55)

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Wayne's World picture

Deliberate mistake: When Wayne begins playing the "Excalibur" guitar, the clerk stops him and directs him to a "No Stairway to Heaven" sign. The problem is that the guitar riff Wayne started playing sounded nothing like "Stairway to Heaven" so the clerk had no reason to interrupt him. Evidently the intro to "Stairway" was actually played in the theatrical version of the film, but its exclusion in the home video release makes the scene rather dubious.


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Sister Act picture

Deliberate mistake: When the nuns sing for the first time in the church in perfect tone then break into the dance version of the song, the reverend mother acts like it's the first time she has heard it. In reality, she would have heard the rehearsals as the convent is very quiet and you can hear the choir rehearsing when she tells Deloris she will join the choir.

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Suggested correction: She may have heard it, but never seen it. What startled her were the moves.


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The Muppet Christmas Carol picture

Deliberate mistake: Gonzo and Rizzo are selling apples in the beginning, including the Red Delicious cultivar. That wasn't invented until the 1880s and the story is set sometime in the first half of the 1800s. Most likely intentional as they are the narrators.


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Mom and Dad Save The World picture

Deliberate mistake: When Marge and Dick are being beamed in outer space, there's no way they could be breathing because there's no breathable air in space.


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