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Corrected entry: After Lt. Souther introduces Deloris to the church and she yells at him then goes outside, he tells her that Vince has a contract on her for $100,000. Later Vince is grilled by Lt. Souther for 6 hours and was then told she was never found. At that point he puts out a half million dollar contract for her. He didn't know she was missing until this point and would not have a $100,000 hit out on her.

Correction: Vince and his goons already had tried to kill her. They put out of the initial contract to try and get the job done. Once they couldn't find her and Souther questioned him, he realised that Deloris had gone to the police and upped the contract because of the increased difficulty and danger.


Corrected entry: In the scene right after the mobsters shoot the limo driver and Whoopi Goldberg has seen it, they are discussing what to do in front of a large mirror. You can see reflections of people moving in front of them, presumably the camera crew.

Correction: That's not a mirror, it's a window. If you look closer you can see it's the people in the casino gambling.


Corrected entry: Toward the end of the film, the nuns convince a helicopter pilot to fly them to Reno to rescue Sr. Mary Clarence (Whoopi Goldberg). The helicopter is a Bell Long Ranger. Twelve nuns depart the aircraft in Reno. There is no way that aircraft can hold that many people in addition to the pilot. It never would have gotten off the ground in San Francisco.

Correction: It's a Bell 212, not a Longranger. It seats the pilot and 14 passengers. The tail number N396EH used to be registered to a Bell 206B JetRanger II at the same company before it was switched to the 212 and used in Sister Act.

Corrected entry: When storming to Vince's office in the beginning of the movie, Deloris was no where near the door (a full 8 seconds away) when Vince made the "Say goodnight, Ernie" statement so she couldn't have heard it, yet when she is talking to the police she includes that in her story.

Correction: Already submitted and corrected.


Corrected entry: When the choir is singing "I will follow him." right at the end, if you watch Sister Mary Roberts closely when they first start singing you will see that she is about to burst out laughing.

Correction: She does seem to be smiling, but maybe not really about to burst out laughing. Remember that the choir is singing in front of the Pope, which would be very emotional for all of them, but especially for her because she's the featured singer of the choir. She talked earlier in the movie about wanting to do something special, and it would not be out of character for her to be excited, nervous, overjoyed, giddy, and scared all at the same time, all of which portrays with her face in that opening shot of the song.

Corrected entry: The choir begins to sing 'Hail Holy Queen'. When the choir starts clapping, the camera pans to the back and you can see the back of one nun. You can see her hands moving and can notice two things. 1, she is not clapping along with the rhythm and 2, she is not even clapping, but rather making the hand clapping motion without her hands connecting.

Correction: Hardly a mistake that only one nun is out of time. If they were all out yet the clapping was rythmic then that would warrent a mistake, however, if one nun is out of time this wouldnt make a diffence to overall sound due to others clapping and singing, this could be put down to a character mistake.

I've seen this scene and several nuns (not all of the nuns) are seen clapping out of rhythm. Some nuns clap twice while the other nuns clap only once.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the beginning when the Limo driver is killed by one of Vince's 2 sidekicks, the shorter man with the gray suit is on the left in the first shots. But then, when they are deciding what to do after Deloris sees the murder, the taller man with the tan suit is on the left.

Correction: The man in the brown suit would have had to move around the dead body to talk to Vince. There is plenty of time for him to do this as Deloris leaves.


Corrected entry: During the "My God" number in the proper performance, one of the nuns turns to her right when all the other nuns turn to their lefts, and she looks visibly upset when she turns to face the correct direction. The actress in question appears to glance offscreen, presumably at the director to determine if they should continue, and then sets her face resignedly and continues. The actress playing Sister Mary Robert seems to react slightly as well.


Correction: This is very obviously done for comical reasons. Mary Lazarus is the one who is never quite in sync, and when she realizes that she has turned the wrong way she does a kind of "Oh, no, not again" gesture. Mary Robert's facial expression seems to say something along the lines of "That's Mary Lazarus all right!" This is definitely not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Delores is first separating the nuns into vocal groups, she splits them into soprano, alto, and bass. In female vocal groups, there is no bass, only first soprano, second soprano, first alto, and second alto.

Correction: Who says she made a normal group? She was a pretty strange gal, so why couldn't she bend the rules a bit?

Correction: Mary Lazarus did the same thing when Mary Clarence first joined, asking her only if she was an alto or soprano, when there were very low voiced nuns in the choir.


Corrected entry: In the casino when the nuns are looking for Deloris, Mary Patrick asks some people if they've seen a "Carmelite nun." Judging by the sister's habits, I would guess that they are Dominicans, as Carmelites don't dress in that type of habit.

Lucy Reeves

Correction: I think it's a joke referencing Whoopi Goldberg's skin color. Why else would she specify "Carmelite"??

I had always thought she had said caramel like nun.

Correction: While I think it was rather silly for her to bother specifying what kind of nun, I can find pictures of both Carmelite and Dominican nuns on the internet that are dressed like this and of both kinds dressed entirely differently.


I figured it was a way of saying that the nun they were looking for was Black - with skin the color of the Carmelite habit.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the movie, when they are singing for the Pope, we see the head nun smiling with joy that they are singing so well. She puts her hands together...and she is wearing a wedding ring on her left hand. I thought nuns were not allowed to get married...

Correction: The head nun is wearing a wedding band because nun are wedded to Christ. Nuns traditionally wear a slim wedding band.

Corrected entry: In the scene about 10 minutes from the end of the film when sisters Mary Clarence and Mary Robert are singing, if you look to the left of Mary Robert's uniform, you can see a clip-on mic, which makes her voice sound louder.

Correction: First of all, ALL the singing done by Sister Mary Roberts was dubbed by another woman. The actress playing the role never did any singing herself. Second of all this is not a mistake because a lot of church choirs will use microphones like that to amplify their voice for the entire church. And finally, if you notice because the Pope was there, there was a camera crew filming the choir. It would make sense for them to have the singers, especially the ones like Mary Roberts who was doing a solo, to wear a microphone to ensure the camera can pick it up.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sister Mary Clarence/Deloris Van Cartier is scrubbing the big iron gate (after the scene where Reverend Mother interrupts her chat with the other nuns when they are making beads), she looks to her right when she hears a dog bark. In the first shot of the dog, there is a trash bin to its right, but when it shows her sitting next to the dog, the trash bin isn't there anymore.

Correction: The bin is there, you see the protruding piece over the wheel, but from the front.

Visible crew/equipment: When Eddie arrives at the casino near the end of the film, he opens the car door and in the reflection you can see the filming crew.

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Biker: If this turns into a nuns' bar, I'm outta here!

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Question: Why did Delores not wear the head cover of the habit in the end when they sing for the pope? Her hair is fully visible and she is wearing loop earrings.

Answer: She was never a real nun and there was no longer a reason for her to be in full disguise as one. She is still close to the other sisters, and therefore is partially clad in a nun's habit, for the concert, but she is also showing her secular side.

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