Best movie revealing mistakes of 1989

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Puppet Master picture

Revealing mistake: When Dana is walking down one hall with Leroy and a bottle of champagne, the exit sign is reversed. (00:53:05)

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Erik the Viking picture

Revealing mistake: During the Hy Brasil sinking sequence you can see a horizontal line in the water in the background, this is the edge of the water tank they used to film this sequence. It's also visible in several shots from the longship.

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Robot Jox picture

Revealing mistake: When the main guy is fighting the main girl in his room, the scene changes angles and you can CLEARLY see that her stunt double is a man!

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Police Academy 6: City Under Siege picture

Revealing mistake: When Fackler is directing traffic due to the blackout, many moths start circling the lights he holding. Many of these moths are actually attached to strings.

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Deepstar Six picture

Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie when they reach the surface, you can see that the horizon is nothing but a big wall with the sky painted on it. You can see the water splashing up against the wall.

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Valmont picture

Revealing mistake: When Annette Bening climbs out of the bathtub, you can see that she is naked underneath her bathing gown. When she gets back into the bathtub, you can see that she is wearing black underwear beneath her gown.

Mark Bernhard
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The Little Mermaid picture

Revealing mistake: When Max and Eric first approach Ariel and she is behind a rock, there are no footprints in the sand.

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The Burbs picture

Revealing mistake: After Art and Ray successfully blow up the Klopek's house, Ray emerges from the ruins and the porch collapses behind him. It can be seen that the porch supports are dragged backwards towards the house to allow the porch to collapse behind Ray.

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Licence to Kill picture

Revealing mistake: When Lupe Lamore puts Sanchez's iguana down on the table near the end of the movie, you can see the iguana bounce slightly. Also, it isn't breathing.

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The Fly 2 picture

Revealing mistake: When Beth is helping Martin out of Bartok's cocoon, you can see Martin wearing pants inside the cocoon. Surely he should be naked. (01:35:15)

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Tango & Cash picture

Revealing mistake: When Stallone pulls over the cocaine tanker, his first shot at the truck is accurate at about 300 yards with a two inch barrel revolver. Amazing. (00:05:00)

Bill McIntyre
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Kickboxer picture

Revealing mistake: When Kurt is loading his brother into the van on the stretcher after the fight when he has just been paralyzed his feet are sticking out, but when the door is being shut he pulls them in.

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Honey I Shrunk The Kids picture

Revealing mistake: When Nick is being sucked out of the hole/cave, you can see the wires visible from his waist. (01:20:35)

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Road House picture

Revealing mistake: When Swayze gets into a fight in the bar office with an employee who was recently fired, he ends up going through a window with another thug during the fight. Watch carefully as they go through the window. The falling man has a hair style significantly different from Swayze; it's his stunt double. It's more obvious as he hits the table in the continued shot. (00:38:25)

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The War of the Roses picture

Revealing mistake: In the shot where Barbara is cartwheeling down the stairs after Oliver wrestles the ornament from her in the previous shot, the stairs have become totally flat like a ramp.

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The Tall Guy picture

Revealing mistake: In a shower scene, the camera moves to a point which allows us to see the shorts that Dexter is wearing to keep his modesty.

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See No Evil, Hear No Evil picture

Revealing mistake: When Dave and Walley are running with a car, Walley says that he heard some shots. Dave replies that he didn't hear anything, but as you know Dave is deaf, and he reads Walley's lips each time he speaks. In this scene, he wasn't looking at him, but answered. (00:47:45)

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Pet Sematary picture

Revealing mistake: When the housekeeper hangs herself, you can tell the rope isn`t even around her neck. It is obviously connected to a harness around her torso.

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Homer & Eddie picture

Revealing mistake: When Eddie shoots the cashier at the Wady liquor store he falls backwards into a shelf with whiskey bottles. You hear some bottles break and see some splinters flying, and then there comes a Niagara-style whiskeyfall pouring over the shelf that must have come from a large reservoir behind. (00:30:40)

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Weekend at Bernie's picture

Revealing mistake: When Larry and Richard are dragging the two bodies to the closet the first one lifts up his legs for Richard to put him in.

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