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The Abyss picture

Revealing mistake: After the water tentacle sequence, Coffee brings Schoenick back to their bunks to get the submachine gun, so they can take over the rig. The bag containing the gun is stashed behind some pipes up by the ceiling. Watch when he reaches behind the pipes to grab the bag--the pipes move at least six inches. (01:31:57)

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure picture

Revealing mistake: At the end, when all the historical figures are going back into the phone booth, you can see the trap door in the back open and the people go through it. It would be kind of tight to fit all of them in the booth at the same time.

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The Toxic Avenger Part III picture

Revealing mistake: When little Melvin gets turned back into Toxie, Toxie charges towards the devil and picks him up, and starts swinging him up in the air. While he's doing that, you can tell the devil has been replaced by a very unconvincing dummy.

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K-9 picture

Revealing mistake: After Dooley and Jerry Lee were shot at and the window was blown out in Dooley's Mustang, they give chase to the Mercedes, look carefully at the "dog". In two shots in the chase sequence, you can see it is a fake dog and looks very much like the fake dog in the bar scene lunge. (00:56:30)

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UHF picture

Revealing mistake: In an older video version, the 'Hollywood' George blows up in his Rambo dream was revealed as a prop screen: the upper edge was visible. (01:18:40)

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Revealing mistake: During the scene where the remote guns are firing from the back of the car you can see one of the 'dead' soldiers sitting up to look at the action around him before lying back down.

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Return from the River Kwai picture

Revealing mistake: During the transport of the POWs by train (which starts about 26 mins into the film) the number on the side of the engine is visible as 719. About 3 mins (filmwise) into the journey it appears in mirror image. It appears they filmed the train moving from right to left, but throughout the film the train moves from left to right, so the film must have been reversed. It happens twice, the second time 14 min 24 sec after the first. (00:29:34)

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Uncle Buck picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Buck causes all the pots and pans to crash while Tia and her mother are hugging, the final of the "reaction shots" is a close up of the two kids. You can see Amy Madigan squeeze their arms as a cue to make their shocked expressions; prior to this Gaby Hoffman was looking up with a neutral expression on her face. (01:33:10)

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Prancer picture

Revealing mistake: When Santa starts reciting the long list of things the little boy wants for Christmas, you can see the boy's eyes reading Santa's lines off-camera.

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The Trial of the Incredible Hulk picture

Revealing mistake: In the dream sequence while Bruce is now the Hulk, if you look closely beneath his green wig, the black hair of the actor is visible.

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The Winter War picture

Revealing mistake: When the Russians are in the Finn's trench, you see the Finns stabbing the Russians. If you look carefully, on a few of the Russians you can see protection visible. (00:48:45)

Ssiscool Premium member
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Three Fugitives picture

Revealing mistake: When the locksmith van stops at the mansion, the headlights have translucent covers taped to the grill. This was to prevent the lights from being too bright in the previous nighttime overhead shot.

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Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland picture

Revealing mistake: When Angela is pulling the girl up the flag pole you can see that the cable under her hands is being pulled off screen by something else to assist the actress.

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Cyborg picture

Revealing mistake: The bad guy that Nady punches and falls through a hole is a very obvious mannequin. Watch for the close-up of the hand.

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Black Rain picture

Revealing mistake: Toward the end when Nick shoots through the sheets at Sato there is a big circle drawn on the sheet where the shot is supposed to hit.

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Blind Fury picture

Revealing mistake: When Nick cuts in half Tex, if you see closely the hair of Tex changes length showing the stuntman.

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