See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie Dave takes Walley's jacket and uses it to help them slide down a cable. Before they slid down, Dave tells Walley to hold on, and Walley asks if they're going to be above the ground. Dave tells him no, and off they go. However, Dave is deaf, and reads lips, and Walley is standing behind him when he asks the question. So how did Dave read his lips if he wasn't looking at him?

Continuity mistake: Wally and Dave exit the swamp after pushing the police car in. Look at Wally's legs; you can see a pair of Wellington boots underneath his trousers.

Revealing mistake: When Dave and Walley are running with a car, Walley says that he heard some shots. Dave replies that he didn't hear anything, but as you know Dave is deaf, and he reads Walley's lips each time he speaks. In this scene, he wasn't looking at him, but answered. (00:47:45)

Continuity mistake: There is a scene with Richard Pryor crouched in a corner being shot at by bad guys. A statue behind him is hit and shattered. In the next shot, it's standing there like nothing ever happened.

Revealing mistake: When in the squad car, as they almost hit a couple of guys carrying a wooden bookcase, you can see the wig on the guy in the squad car is much bigger than Gene Wilder's hair.

Continuity mistake: After escaping from the police station, they go into a building and break a wooden door to come out of the other side. When they first break the door, the broken section is only inches away from Richard Pryor. Gene Wilder says to watch out for it. When Richard Pryor moves it, it's slightly further away than it was before.

Continuity mistake: When Wally is whistling to lure the dogs away from the greenhouse, Kevin Spacey steps on his fingers to stop him. In that shot, you see that Spacey has the gun by his side. But in the next shot when you see his face, he's already got the gun raised.

Revealing mistake: Dave and Wally are checking into a hotel. Dave is looking down and signing in on the paper while the clerk says to them, "we have a room with 2 queens." Dave (still looking down, never at her lips) looks up and says "Well get them fellas out of there." Dave is deaf and would not have made that comment, seeing that he never looked at her so couldn't know what she said.

Other mistake: When Wally and Dave are marching out with the protesters, Wally is waving his hands in the air like the protesters. How would he know they are raising their fist in the air? He's blind. (00:36:15)


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Suggested correction: He asked what's going on and Dave tells him "protesters." Wally already knows demonstrators raise their hand when marching, which he tries to mimic to blend in. But he's not doing it exactly as the protesters are doing it since he's only guessing.


Other mistake: In the alley scene immediately following the jail escape Dave and Wally are trying to open a door, Dave steps away from Wally and while looking away says "There's an alley!" Wally hollers out "Dave!" and Dave whips back around and says "I'm right here, I'm right here!" He wouldn't have been able to have heard his name being shouted since he is deaf. (00:39:00)

Il Duce

Wally: I hear prison isn't so bad if you like it up the butt.

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