See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Other mistake: When Wally and Dave are marching out with the protesters, Wally is waving his hands in the air like the protesters. How would he know they are raising their fist in the air? He's blind. (00:36:15)


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Suggested correction: He asked what's going on and Dave tells him "protesters." Wally already knows demonstrators raise their hand when marching, which he tries to mimic to blend in. But he's not doing it exactly as the protesters are doing it since he's only guessing.


Other mistake: In the alley scene immediately following the jail escape Dave and Wally are trying to open a door, Dave steps away from Wally and while looking away says "There's an alley!" Wally hollers out "Dave!" and Dave whips back around and says "I'm right here, I'm right here!" He wouldn't have been able to have heard his name being shouted since he is deaf. (00:39:00)

Il Duce

Continuity mistake: Wally and Dave exit the swamp after pushing the police car in. Look at Wally's legs; you can see a pair of Wellington boots underneath his trousers.

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Wally: These streets are bumpy.
Dave: You're driving on the sidewalk!

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