See No Evil, Hear No Evil
Movie Quote Quiz

Wally: [yelling in Dave's ear.] Shazaam! Can you hear me?
Dave: Wally! I heard you! I heard your voice!
Wally: Hooray! You can hear me!
Dave: What?
Wally: You can hear me!
Dave: No, schmuck, I'm deaf! I'm deaf! Now do you get it?

Wally: These streets are bumpy.
Dave: You're driving on the sidewalk!

Wally: I hear prison isn't so bad if you like it up the butt.

Captain Braddock: Was...there...or...wasn't...there...a...wo-man?
Dave: Yes...there...was...a...wo-man.
Captain Braddock: Why is he talking like that?
Wally: Be-cause...he's...deaf...not...stu-pid.

Dave: And then one day, my wife turned into this remarkable creature that could sit on the end of a broom stick and take off. She could actually achieve flight.
Wally: I think I was married to that woman once.
Dave: Small world.

Dave: Tell me the first thing that pops in your head.
Wally: Pussy!

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