Tango & Cash

Revealing mistake: When Stallone pulls over the cocaine tanker, his first shot at the truck is accurate at about 300 yards with a two inch barrel revolver. Amazing. (00:05:00)

Bill McIntyre

Revealing mistake: When Cash stuffs the grenade in the trousers of the guy with the ponytail and throws him down the stairs, you can see that the explosion doesn't come from the grenade but from the hall on the right side of the stairs.

Revealing mistake: When Tango and Cash hold a bad guy upside down off a roof, Tango has his arms straight out in front of him, elbows locked, parallel to the ground. This would require incredible strength. In the next shot he holds the bad guy properly, held close to his own body with his elbows bent - but Tango appears to be exerting no effort in order to lift the guy at the beginning of this new shot. We can also see the outline of a harness system to hold the bad guy up under the black silk shirt of the bad guy. (01:17:50)

Bill McIntyre

Revealing mistake: When Cash's stuntman jumps out the window after the bad guy, his feet move out in front of him so that he will land on his back (on an airbag) - cut to next shot and his feet are magically underneath him as he lands and rolls. As (Cash) runs around the street corner it is obviously a stuntman. When Cash runs down the narrow alley he is not wearing a bulletproof vest, but in a following scene he takes one off. (00:07:05)

Bill McIntyre

Revealing mistake: When Tango and Cash are getting attacked down the laundry chute, they are tied up above a water tank with a guy holding an electric wire. Their hands are tied to dry cloth which is then tied to the cable. Cloth has no conductivity so there is no complete circuit when their feet are lowered into the water so they wouldn't be getting shocked. The reason they wouldn't be getting shocked is actually explained later in the movie just before they slide down the electric wire.

terry s

Other mistake: Their big 4x4 at the end is really a two wheel drive. When they make the big jump with the fire all around them you can see the front end in the light. There is no front differential, just two big A frames.

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Catherine: And I promise, Lieutenant, that I will be a good girl.
Tango: There it is. Key word: good. See, you're telling me that you're going to be this good girl because you know, don't you, automatically I think you're going to be bad.

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Question: At the start, why does Tango empty his gun (of unused cartridges) and reload with different bullets before shooting the tanker? Unless I missed something, it's never explained.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: He was doing a combat reload, where you eject all the rounds, spent or not and fill the revolver with new ones. It guarantees six shots, rather than relying on "indexing" where you count every round fired.

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