Tango & Cash

Other mistake: Their big 4x4 at the end is really a two wheel drive. When they make the big jump with the fire all around them you can see the front end in the light. There is no front differential, just two big A frames.

Other mistake: After Tango and Cash go down the chute and into the boiler room, Conan approaches them and says, "On the road, this pig and his cop friends broke my ribs, my leg, and my jaw" without an accent. All of the other lines that he had before, he had a Mexican accent. It also seems like all of his other lines after that point are said without an accent as well.

Other mistake: When Cash runs for the wire when escaping the prison in the long shots the stunt man's hair isn't plastered down with the rain and also where was Kurt Russell is wearing a muscle vest his stuntman is wearing a t shirt with sleeves.


Continuity mistake: When Stallone stops the bad guys in the semi full of cocaine, they fly through a windshield that is apparently made of plate glass, and not the safety glass found on almost every other vehicle windshield on earth.

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Ray Tango: I think that with your IQ, you're unarmed and still very dangerous.

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Question: At the start, why does Tango empty his gun (of unused cartridges) and reload with different bullets before shooting the tanker? Unless I missed something, it's never explained.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: He was doing a combat reload, where you eject all the rounds, spent or not and fill the revolver with new ones. It guarantees six shots, rather than relying on "indexing" where you count every round fired.


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