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Corrected entry: In the US (and most other places) ex-police officers and prison guards who are sentenced to a term of imprisonment are never, ever put into the general prison population - they are always put into protective segregation. There are no exceptions and the prisoner cannot request that they be not segregated - it just does not happen.


Correction: This is a persistent urban myth, and it is wrong. If possible an ex-police officer or prison guard will be incarcerated in another state, well away from the scene of the crime. If that isn't possible they can request they be assigned to Administrative Segregation but they do not have to. They can request they be admitted to the general prison population, and most do. Drew Walter Peterson (look him up) probably wishes he hadn't as he got clobbered by a disgruntled inmate wielding a meal tray.

Correction: Also they make it very clear in the film that Tango and Cash were not sent to the right prison and someone was paid off.


Corrected entry: When Cash and Tango fight everyone in the prison, all of a sudden Cash is only fighting one person, and there is nobody around, except for a few arms visible from the other side of some bars. Cash takes a bat from that guy and uses it on two guys, but 5 seconds later he doesn't have the bat anymore and is surrounded by bad guys and "gives up." (00:42:00)

Bill McIntyre

Correction: Because if you think about this for a few minutes, you'll notice the scene switches to Tango fighting one guy, smashes his skull through a glass pane, and leaves, where you then see Cash with a chain in his, obviously he decided a chain was better than a bat.

Corrected entry: The bad Asian guy breaks through the mirror door exactly when Cash stops in front of it. Is it a two-way mirror? Maybe, because the mirror has no backing of any kind and is only one thin sheet of glass. Kind of dangerous to have a door in your house like that if you ever close the door too hard. Then the bad guy jumps blindly through a window - and, how fortunate - there is a car two stories below to break his fall. But when Cash jumps out the window he travels about 10 feet shorter in distance and doesn't reach the car. (00:07:00)

Bill McIntyre

Correction: Pay close attention, as the Chinese guy was sprinting as he jumped from the window, and Cash stopped first and then just stood from the ledge and jumped. Look the olympic "long Jump" and that should explain everything.

Corrected entry: When Tango and his sister are arguing in his back yard, Cash is naked from the waist up. In the next shot Cash is sitting down with his dress pulled up over his shoulders, and then he pulls an audiotape out of the dress, from the level of half-way up his chest. (01:13:40)

Bill McIntyre

Correction: Cash had mostly likely lifted his dress back up, not to mention he said, "My panytyhose are rding into the unknown," meaning he had to fix and resituate certain parts of the drag get-up.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tango first goes into his cell with Slinky, Slinky is trying to play crazy while playing with a slinky. Tango is reading the stock quotes from the paper. In the fold between the news pages there is light at the top showing it is torn. The slinky is then thrown at the center of the page and the paper separates where the tear already was.

terry s

Correction: So the paper had a tear in it already. News papers tear very easily. That and Tango is in prison, the paper had to go through a few sets of hands to get to him. He probably wasn't the first person to read that paper.


Corrected entry: In the grenade scene on top of the roof, Cash tells Tango that he knew he was crazy and that he heard he was a real "section 8". Section 8 is a government program that pays partial rent for low income families.

Correction: Cash was referring to a military Section 8, which was once a discharge for the mentally unfit. (This is the type of discharge that Klinger was always trying to get in M*A*S*H.)


Corrected entry: Perhaps the most obvious insider joke in Hollywood history: Sylvester Stallone joking about Rambo in the movie's beginning. (Policeman: "Who do you think you are? Rambo?" Tango: "Rambo, is a pussy.")

Correction: As you said, an obvious joke in fact too obvious to be trivia.

Mister Ed

Corrected entry: Why does the FBI automatically assume that Tango and Cash killed their agent, and if the FBI had the building staked out, why didn't they see the bad guy enter and leave? (00:24:00)

Bill McIntyre

Correction: If you watch the movie, this is explained. Many people were paid/bought off for the set-up. The guy who is in charge when the FBI burst in is one of these people, as is later revealed in the film.


Corrected entry: When Catherine exits the bar, she is wearing a motorcycle helmet (covering her face), and the cop makes her take it off. A second later, she is smoking a cigarette (and blowing smoke in the cop's face). Not impossible, but somewhat impractical.

Correction: But like you said, "Not impossible".

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: In the beginning Stallone puts a few bullets through the front window of a semi. When the semi stops the bad guys fly out the window breaking the whole glass. Then other cops arrive and the chief is clearly not happy about Stallone firing gunshots at the semi's window. If the chief just arrived and the window on the semi is completely broken, how can he then know that Stallone fired gunshots at the semi?

Correction: By the time the Chief arrives, there are lots of other officers on the scene, both Sheriff's department and City cops. Plenty of both time and opportunity for someone to have taken a statement from the smugglers, or for them to simply have asked for medical attention because Tango had made them crash through a glass window.


Corrected entry: When Cash dresses up as a woman to escape the police, it is just amazing that there happens to be a pair of women's high heeled shoes that fit him, and a black plastic dress in his size, and lucky for him somebody has a wig lying around. How long did it take for him to create this disguise? He had to shave his legs, arms, back and chest. You don't do that in 5 minutes. (01:09:00)

Bill McIntyre

Correction: He didn't have to shave everything. He just needed to get out and away quickly in the dark of night.


Correction: Cesar, one of the main characters in Adrian Nicole Leblanc's book "Random Family" (a work of nonfiction) gets married in prison. He is allowed to keep his wedding band.

Other mistake: When Stallone stops the bad guys in the semi full of cocaine, they fly through a windshield that is apparently made of plate glass, and not the safety glass found on almost every other vehicle windshield on earth.

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Yves Perret: Quicker... and easier. Yes, quick and easy is how you make a cake. Or clean a toilet bowl, or shop... by mail. But quicker and easier is not how you run a multi-million dollar business such as ours.

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Question: At the start, why does Tango empty his gun (of unused cartridges) and reload with different bullets before shooting the tanker? Unless I missed something, it's never explained.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: He was doing a combat reload, where you eject all the rounds, spent or not and fill the revolver with new ones. It guarantees six shots, rather than relying on "indexing" where you count every round fired.


Answer: It's not specified, but I would suspect that he changed from a .38 Special to a .357 round or something. You can shoot a .38 Special out of a .357 Magnum gun and maybe for the movie they wanted to add a shot of him doing a reload to a higher power cartridge for the effect. Why anyone with a .357 Magnum gun would routinely carry a .38 Special round is beyond me.

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