Collision Course

Revealing mistake: At the end of the racetrack scene, the bike stops before the curve where the staff is waving the yellow flag for an accident. In the close-up of the asphalt you can see skidmarks exactly following the path the bike makes, and the odds that the racetrack where F3-like cars are competing has motorbike-sized prints exactly coming out at that curve are of course pretty low. (01:27:20)

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Revealing mistake: A brawl in the bowling alley erupts, started by Tex Cobb tossing on the ground a bad Jay Leno stunt double (hair color does not even match). (00:58:40)

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Other mistake: Watch closely as Investigator Natsuo kicks through the windshield and kicks the villain in the face. The villain's head caves in like it is made of cardboard.

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