Collision Course

Other mistake: Watch closely as Investigator Natsuo kicks through the windshield and kicks the villain in the face. The villain's head caves in like it is made of cardboard.

Other mistake: The motor company executive angrily shows to the villainous Madras the newspaper bearing news of the dead Japanese. The date is Friday 19 June. But the day of the final confrontation a couple days later, as shown in a panning view of the racetrack screen, is June 18. (00:34:55 - 01:20:55)

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Other mistake: Costas' junkyard buddy gets shot in the chest, but opening enough of the bodybag merely to see his face, he is able to tell what sort of weapon killed him. (00:15:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Costas gets pulled over at the beginning of the movie, he stops the car. Initially, between the brick building and the concrete one there's a road with no cars. In Jay Leno's close-up once he is asked "License and registration, please" behind his big head you can see a black and white car, and a couple police officers on the sidewalk. (00:05:00)

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Investigator Fujitsuka Natsuo: I tell you rest on need-to-know basis
Detective Tony Costas: Need to know? I tell you what I need to know, I need to know why I shouldn't put my foot up your ass!
Investigator Fujitsuka Natsuo: Reason very simple. Most uncomfortable position for both parties.

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