Valmont (1989)

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Revealing mistake: When Annette Bening climbs out of the bathtub, you can see that she is naked underneath her bathing gown. When she gets back into the bathtub, you can see that she is wearing black underwear beneath her gown.

Mark Bernhard

Revealing mistake: When Annette Benning reads the letter in the bathtub and shows it to Colin Firth, before the ink begins to run, you can see that it is just squiggles on the paper, not words.

Mark Bernhard

Mertuil: Men are always chasing after visions, my dear. They want us to be angels.
Baroness: But in bed they want us to be demons, my dear.
Baron: Yes, indeed, it always comes as a morning surprise when you wake up in the arms of an ordinary woman.

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