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Three Amigos picture

Ned Nederlander: Chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip. Nanny!
Lucky Day: Farley, farley, farley, farley, farley, hafurrrrrrrrrr!
Dusty Bottoms: Kinat hoooole wilfgad...huml...sah.

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off picture

Ferris: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

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Big Trouble in Little China picture

Jack Burton: Ok, you people! Sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if we're not back by dawn... Call the president.

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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home picture

Kirk: Mr. Spock, have you accounted for the variable mass of whales and water in your time re-entry program?
Spock: Mr. Scott cannot give me exact figures, Admiral, so... I will make a guess.
Kirk: A guess? You, Spock? That's extraordinary.
Spock: [to Dr. McCoy] I don't think he understands.
McCoy: No, Spock. He means that he feels safer about your guesses than most other people's facts.
Spock: Then you're saying... It is a compliment?
McCoy: It is.
Spock: Ah. Then, I will try to make the best guess I can.
McCoy: Please do.

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Heartbreak Ridge picture

Gunnery Seargant Thomas Highway: The United States Marines is lookin' for a few good men - and you ain't it.

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Short Circuit picture

Ben Jabituya: I am thinking she is a virgin. Or at least she used to be.

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About Last Night... picture

Debbie: Would you stop following me around. I don't want to have to start drinking in the suburbs.

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Back to School picture

Derek: That's Valerie Desmond. Look how tight her ass is today.

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The Golden Child picture

Chandler Jarrell: Only a man whose heart is pure can wield the knife, and only a man whose ass is narrow can get down these steps. And if mine's is such an ass, then I shall have it.

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Little Shop of Horrors picture

Seymour: Wait for me, Audrey. This is between me and the vegetable.

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Peggy Sue Got Married picture

Peggy Sue: We got married too young and ended up blaming each other for all the things we missed.
Carol Heath: So, he started having affairs and you started getting depressed.

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Pretty in Pink picture

Duckie: I'm off like a dirty shirt.

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Police Academy 3: Back in Training picture

Capt. Proctor: Mahoney must think he's as dumb as we are.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 picture

Lefty: I'm the Lord of the Harvest.
Drayton: What's that? Some new health food bunch?

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The Manhattan Project picture

Paul Stephens: I never thought I'd say this to anybody, but I got to go get the atomic bomb out of the car.

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Firewalker picture

Patricia: Fruitcake? fruitcake? Listen Bucko, I happen to be a highly educated, intelligent girl with an I.Q. that would put you pea-brain in the cellar. So remember, If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be here. Call me for dinner.

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My Chauffeur picture

Casey: Oh, what are you so worried about? I'm not going to get girly bugs on you.

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Nothing in Common picture

Max Basner: Your best friend is your dick.
David Basner: Now where did I learn that? Your best friend is your dick.
Max Basner: Great, maybe the four of us can get together and have lunch.

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Howard the Duck picture

Phil: Get out of there! Duck!
Howard: And proud of it.

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Brighton Beach Memoirs picture

Eugene: I think I'm in love with her.
Stanley: Well forget it, she's your cousin.
Eugene: What's wrong with being in love with your cousin?
Stanley: Because it's against the laws of nature! You can't marry your first cousin, you'll get babies with nine heads.

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