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Midway picture

Other mistake: Another "Recycled Footage Segment" via Tora! Tora! Tora!: When 3 Officers on Midway come out of their bunker and say that the runway is still operational, the footage of the B-17 with the landing gear problem mentioned elsewhere is blatantly used.

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Assault on Precinct 13 picture

Other mistake: Although the Lieutenant is actually sent to the police station in precinct 9, division 13, the sign over the door states it to be division 14.

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All the President's Men picture

Other mistake: The chronology of dates on the teletype printer at the end of the film are not in the correct order. We see "March 13, 1975" followed by "January 3, 1975", which is then followed by two August 1974 dates.

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Rocky picture

Other mistake: About half way through the movie, Adrian gives Rocky a dog (Butkus). The second time Rocky goes to the meatpacking plant, the dog is with him when he walks in, but he walks out alone and the dog is not seen again in this movie.

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Taxi Driver picture

Other mistake: When Travis sends money to Iris, he addresses the envelope to 240 East 13th st. At the entrance to the building Iris lives in (visible after Sport's corpse is shown), the street number is 226. (01:33:40 - 01:44:50)

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The Outlaw Josey Wales picture

Other mistake: When Josey confronts the Comancheros, the Chief notes that they are facing the sun. You can see that the sun is on the back of all the characters who are looking at Josey...meaning Josey is the only one looking into the sun.

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Marathon Man picture

Other mistake: In the beginning of the movie, the radio announcer says it is 74 degrees with a high of 89 degrees expected. The guy directing the oil truck breath is visible and is wearing a winter coat, not very likely at that temperature. People walking the streets are too heavily dressed also.

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The Bad News Bears picture

Other mistake: After the 2 Yankees put ketchup on Lupus' head, Tanner sticks up for him. After the Yankees put Tanner in the garbage can, there's obviously more ketchup on his head from before, along with ketchup on his shirt that wasn't there before either.

Ken Hogan
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The Omen picture

Other mistake: Gregory Peck and David Warner are attacked in the cemetery by four large vicious dogs, who attack their throats, arms and legs, but once they escape, the only wound seen is the one on Gregory Peck who hurt his arm while climbing over the fence.

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Carrie picture

Other mistake: Rita is only hit in the thighs with the basketball rafter. That couldn't kill her, and it couldn't make blood come out of her mouth.

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The Enforcer picture

Other mistake: In the end credits, "transportation captains" is misspelled as "transportaion captians".

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Logan's Run picture

Other mistake: In the first carousel one of the female contestants is obviously pregnant. But in the film babies aren't born from a mother but through artificial means.

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Confessions of a Driving Instructor picture

Other mistake: At the end of this film, at the driving test centre, a blue Austin 1800 is parked out of the way in the background, but in the next scene it is involved in the first of the collisions.

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Never Too Young to Rock picture

Other mistake: On the assault course Hero and Rockbottom are wondering how they are going to get to the concert now that they have lost their van, Rockbottom says that they are well out of the London transport system but when they are on the zip wire you can see two red London transport buses on the road outside.

eric 64
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Other mistake: When the former pimp brings fresh flowers for Rosa's tomb, the gravestone says she died in 1972, but both the inspector and his colleague said on separate occasions that the murder happened 4 years before - and the movie is set in 1975 and at the exact same day of her death. (00:48:30)

Sammo Premium member
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