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Corrected entry: Creeds promotor is referred to as Miles Jergens all through the film, but when he meets Rocky in his office to offer him the fight, he introduces himself as George Jergens.

Correction: Miles is his nickname.

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Corrected entry: Stallone wrote the first draft of Rocky in one weekend.

Correction: He wrote the first draft in 4 days.

Corrected entry: When Micky comes up to ask Rocky if he can manage him he picks darts from his door in his flat and throws them at the door. It shows there are two darts and then when Micky leaves it shows that there are three.

Correction: If you look very closely, there are actually three. One of the darts is directly behind the other, but you can see by the shadow and by the points that there are three.

Corrected entry: When Adrian is in Rocky's apartment, he tells her that he no longer has a phone. Several scenes later when Rocky confronts Paulie for bringing reporters to the meat company, he tells Paulie that he should have called him first or left a message.

Correction: Rocky also demonstrates that he can "call" Paulie by yelling out his window. Rocky also gets messages at Mickey's gym, much to Mickey's chagrin at not being Rocky's messenger service.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Mickey goes to Rocky's apartment to offer his services as manager, Mickey climbs the stairs and walks up to Rocky's door. The apartment number is on the outside of the door. The scene cuts to Rocky opening the door from inside the apartment. There is no longer an apartment number on the door.

Correction: This is not an error, the door that Rocky opens in that scene is the bathroom door inside of the apartment, not the front door to the apartment.

The continuity error mentioned above is true. This happens before the bathroom door scene. When Mickey knocks on his door there is a number 2 there. Then 5 seconds later when you see that same front door it has no number on it.

Corrected entry: Just before Rocky goes for an early morning training run, he drinks a cup full of raw eggs. No sportsman will ever eat just before a strenuous exercise. Rocky was involved in boxing for over 10 years and he should have known better.

Correction: Time could have passed between him drinking the eggs and the running.

Corrected entry: Rocky is supposedly left handed but he writes with his right.


Correction: Standing southpaw whilst boxing doesn't automatically mean you are left handed for writing as well. Some people are ambidextrous.

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Visible crew/equipment: During the final fight, a steady cam operator with a white shirt and black straps around his body is seen during several wide angles. This is not a TV camera, it is a film crewmember. The Director even admits to it in the audio commentary on the DVD.

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Paulie: I want you outta here instamatically.

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Trivia: During the scene before the fight, where Rocky enters the ring and sees the 2 portraits of him and Apollo, the error on Rocky's shorts was an actual error made by the art crew, and Sylvester Stallone rewrote the scene when he saw this mistake.

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