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Revealing mistake: Rocky says "cut my eye" during the fight scene, if you watch closly you can see the man actually squeeze a tube full of red stuff inches away from his eye. It's really quite funny...


Other mistake: About half way through the movie, Adrian gives Rocky a dog (Butkus). The second time Rocky goes to the the meatpacking plant, the dog is with him when he walks in, but he walks out alone and the dog is not seen again in this movie.

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Continuity mistake: When a particularly unfit Rocky runs up the steps at dawn, it obviously takes a long time, as when he reaches the top and we go to a different shot, it's a lot lighter. When returning to the previous angle, it gets that little bit darker again.

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Suggested correction: I think it went back to dark to show failure in fact I thought he said that once in a interview.

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Trivia: Directors and producers never wanted Talia Shire to play Adrian because they felt she was too pretty to play a shy girl like her character. So she came to the interview dressed down and was awarded the part.

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Trivia: Adrian's hesitation to kiss Rocky in his apartment after their date together wasn't originally scripted that way; Talia Shire was suffering from the flu during filming, and she was afraid of getting Sylvester Stallone sick. What resulted ironically was a better acted scene than was originally anticipated.

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Trivia: The scene, where Sylvester Stallone tells Talia Shire that he cannot win the bout against Apollo, was originally ordered to be cut out and Stallone had to plead and beg to get it in the film. Finally they told him that he could try it once, but if he didn't get it done in one shooting it would be left out of the film. He was so terrified of messing up his one chance that he got himself drunk before he got in front of the cameras. You can hear it pretty from his voice, too.

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Question: In the movie Rocky, porno actress Jean Jennings is listed in the credits on numerous websites, but I can't place or recall her in the film. According to information and bio info on her, she was married to Joe Spinell, who played Rocky's friend and employer in the film. Was she in Rocky? If so, in what scene?

Chosen answer: If she was in Rocky, she would have been a minor extra because I've never seen her listed in any credits for Rocky on any websites, including Jean Jennings' IMDB page.


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