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Corrected entry: In the scene where Logan sits in front of the computer and learns of his mission: Logan's speech including the words "You mean nobody's ever been renewed?" (by Carousel) makes no sense at all. He seems shocked, and says "but everyone believes that some." But the computer has said no such thing, never implies that none renew, only that some runners escape.

Correction: That's not really how the scene goes. However, Logan is smart enough to figure out what's going on because the computer does imply nobody has been renewed. There are not enough escaped runners to account for all the people, so when Logan asks his question about no one has been renewed, the computer remains silent. Which Logan takes to mean "yes".


Corrected entry: When Doc says, "Pay attention Sandman, I'm proud of this machine" the Anodyne and Kinesis levers in the background are in the down position. The camera cuts to Logan and back to the Doc and the levers are now in the up position. (00:47:25)

Correction: Yes, the levers are in the down position to start, however, Doc is standing next to the levers and says the line "I'm proud of this machine" off camera (while the camera is on Logan). When it cuts back, the levers are up, but Doc is moving his hand away from the machine. He had plenty of time to raise them (plus the numbers change, indicating the levers were raised off camera).


Corrected entry: Box's weapons seem to magically appear out of nowhere just before he says "It's my job - to freeze you".


Correction: That's not right - Box fetched the weapons while they were changing their clothes. He already had them in his hands when he said, "This way" and led them into the cave with the frozen people.

Corrected entry: When Logan and Jessica decide to return to the city, they go down to the bottom of a fountain where there is a little pool of water and jump in. When they and all the people from the city arrive back at the fountain, they arrive at the top where there is no way of exiting.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: It's implied that the explosions blew a hole in the dome, allowing the people to escape.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Logan and Jessica escape from the city, we see them run down a huge staircase. Later on they take an elevator up to the Earth's surface. But the elevator (on which they rode up) doesn't appear to be travel much higher than the distance they already ran down. They should still be on the level of the city, or not much higher above it.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: That's because the city is on the Earth's surface. They started at ground level, went down the stairs, then came back up to ground level...no mistake there.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Logan & Jessica first witness the sun, it's rising toward the upper-left. The region is in North America, which means that the sun rises toward the upper-right.

Correction: Not if they are facing southeast. Then it would appear as if the sun is rising from the upper left.

Corrected entry: Jessica and Logan are first seen wading in water toward the Washington Monument with the Capitol building in the background. Judging from the proximity of the Monument and the fact that we cannot see the Lincoln Memorial, this places them in the reflecting pool, walking away from the Lincoln Memorial. The next scene is of them walking into the Lincoln Memorial which they were walking away from. (01:17:55 - 01:19:40)

Correction: They have never seen this place before. It's entirely reasonable that they wandered around for some time before arriving at the Lincoln Memorial.

Corrected entry: When all the people from the city arrive on the earth's surface at the end, all we see is the citizens. What happened to all the sandmen?

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Sandmen are a very small %age of the population. As an 'elite' police squad, they really only have one crime to handle: running. Therefore their population count drops even lower. As the only law enforcement of the city, those on active duty would have remained within the city attempting to stop the mass exodus.

Corrected entry: In the shiny robot's ice lair, Jenny Agutter and Michael York strip off their wet clothes and you can see that Jenny Agutter wasn't wearing any underwear, but when they put their clothes back on and start running away from the robot, Jenny slips and falls over and you can see that she is wearing underwear. (01:09:55)

Correction: Incorrect. In the scene where they strip off their wet clothes, if you look closely, you can see that Agutter is wearing dark green panties, though obviously, no bra. This is consistent later.

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