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Continuity mistake: Adding to Kelly Leak's homerun in his first at bat shown in the movie (great scene with the ball hit during practice and clears the fence during a game), the celebration at home plate does appear to indicate a game winning homerun (a walk-off no less). However, as the ball clears the fence you can see the score is 0-0 in the top of the third. (00:57:52)

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Suggested correction: It was probably just excitement that someone on the team finally hit a home run. This was a bumbling team (remember their first game they didn't get a chance to even bat) and were lacking hits and runs until now. Most likely a confidence booster for the team.

Continuity mistake: In the last inning of the championship game, Buttermaker opens a beer in a short brown bottle (perhaps a Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red White and Blue, or Red Stripe) right before Amanda grounds out. When he exits the dugout following the at-bat, he's holding a Coors.

Continuity mistake: In Kelly Leak's first shown at-bat, he hit a home run to win the game, and the team the Bears defeated was sponsored by Denny's, as you can see from their catcher's logo when Kelly crosses the plate. Problem is, Denny's sponsors the Yankees, who went the entire season undefeated. We know this because in several scenes, including the one after the home-run where the head lady mocked the Bears' victory, you saw the standings where the Yankees had no losses.

Other mistake: After the 2 Yankees put ketchup on Lupus' head, Tanner sticks up for him. After the Yankees put Tanner in the garbage can, there's obviously more ketchup on his head from before, along with ketchup on his shirt that wasn't there before either.

Ken Hogan

Continuity mistake: In the Bears' second to last game against the Athletics, an announcement is made early in the game that the Bears are winning 1-0. But later in the game when you see the scoreboard, it shows the Athletics scored the first run of the game in the top of the second inning.

Continuity mistake: In the last inning of the final game, you saw the Yankee catcher making fun of Ogilve, and it was clear he had blond hair. But in the final at-bat where Kelly tried for a grand-slam but was tagged out by the same catcher, he had brown hair.

Continuity mistake: When Buttermaker puts Amanda's arm in the icy water, he is seen taking out a beer. When the camera changes there are no beers on the bench and he then starts taking them out. Also as he removes beers, the water level goes down in the bucket. After they are removed, the water level is up near the top.

Continuity mistake: It appears that the first kid over to Joey Turner to get the ball during Engelberg's infield home run is Billy the replacement pitcher, moments later we see that he is on the bench and not in the game.

Continuity mistake: The shadows change dramatically throughout the games (especially the championship game). Shot all different times of day at random.

Audio problem: After Turner tells his son Joey to throw to Engleberg low and outside, Joey replies "But Dad - I wanted to strike him out", however his mouth doesn't move at all and the volume on this line is much louder, so obviously dubbed in.

Character mistake: After Loopis makes that bumbling bad play in right field that costs the Bears a game, in the dugout Tanner harasses Loopis and says "we would have won if it weren't for you." This statement is incorrect because the score was tied 0-0 in the last inning when Loopis made that bad play to make them lose 1-0... so although the Bears may have had a chance to win if extra innings were played and this play DID make them lose, a "win" wasn't guaranteed the way Tanner came out saying it.

Continuity mistake: In the championship game, when Buttermaker pulls Amanda off the mound and calls in Stein, He sends Amanda to left field. However, the very next hit is hit to Lupus, and you see Kelly Leak run over from left field to field the ball. Also, when Lupus makes the catch a bit later, you see Ahmad run over from left field to congratulate him.


Bad News Bears: Around them bases we shall roam.

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Trivia: After this movie was released, the character Engleberg had to be recast because the actor who played him lost a lot of weight and no longer could play the "fat" catcher so a new heavy actor replaced him in the next two sequels.

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Question: There is a red headed kid that has several small lines in the movie, primarily in the beginning. He plays 1st base once or twice. Who is he, and why wasn't/isn't his role in the movie as big as all the other kids?

Ken Hogan

Chosen answer: That red headed kid is Regi Tower, played by now-screenwriter and director Scott Firestone. Several of the boys had very minor roles, so Regi wasn't really an exception. His character did not appear in either of the sequels to The Bad News Bears.

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