The Bad News Bears

The Bad News Bears (1976)

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In the last inning of the championship game, Buttermaker sits Toby, Tanner, Jimmy, and Regi and puts in MIguel, Jose, Ogilve, and Lupus. With two outs, Buttermaker switches Amanda with Stein at pitcher because she has a sore arm. The Yankees start to rally and it seems as the championship is in the bag. Down by four runs with bases loaded, a fly ball is hit to Lupus and he miraculously catches it. Now the Bears are at bat, but Stein gets out trying to stretch a single into a double and Amanda grounds out. However, Ogilve gets walked, Ahmad bunts a single, and Miguel gets walked. Now Kelly's up, but Turner doesn't want to take any chances and tells the pitcher to walk him. Buttermaker tells Kelly to swing away on a 3-0 count and Kelly bombs one into the outfield. Ogilve, Ahmad, and Miguel score and Kelly heads home. The Yankees get the ball to the catcher as Kelly slides. Unfortunately, the ump calls him out and the Yankees win. The Bears are disappointed but Buttermaker tells them they should be proud of themselves and gives them all beer. He then tells Amanda he'll teach her how to hit in the spring. Cleveland gives the Bears their trophy and the Yankees give a half-hearted apology for the treatment they gave them. Tanner tells them to "take your apology and your trophy and shove it straight up your ass!" Lupus then throws their trophy at the Yankees and tells them "And another thing. Just wait 'til next year!" The Bears then celebrate with their parents as the scene fades to an updated team picture that includes Kelly and Amanda.

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Coach Morris Buttermaker: What if he tries something?
Amanda Whurlitzer: I'll handle it.
Coach Morris Buttermaker: Rolling Stones, 11 years old.
Amanda Whurlitzer: I know an 11-year-old girl who is already on the pill.
Coach Morris Buttermaker: Don't ever say that word again.
Amanda Whurlitzer: Jesus! Just who in the heck you think you are?
Coach Morris Buttermaker: The goddamned manager, that's who.
Amanda Whurlitzer: Big wow.



In the last inning of the championship game, Buttermaker opens a beer in a short brown bottle (perhaps a Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red White and Blue, or Red Stripe) right before Amanda grounds out. When he exits the dugout following the at-bat, he's holding a Coors.