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The Bad News Bears (1976)

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Corrected entry: The team picture taken of the Bears on Opening Day is different than the one seen over the end credits. In the Opening Day photo, Amanda and Kelly are missing from the shot since they are not on the team yet. At the credits, Amanda and Kelly are there, but Tanner isn't holding a 2nd place sign that would show it is the end of the season. He is the holding the same team sign as the original photo.

Correction: This second picture could have been taken at ANY time in the season. Perhaps when they realized that they would not be adding any members to the team. It didn't HAVE to be taken after the season. (This is done quite often when teams get new players early on in the season.) And even if it was taken at the end, there is no rule that says a team photo taken after the season must include a sign showing what place you finished.

Corrected entry: There is a mistake with the Bears' batting order. In the first inning, Rudi Stein bats after Kelly. In the final inning, Rudi leads off with an out. Just four batters later, Kelly comes up with the bases loaded and two out. Kelly could not have batted for another three spots in the order.

Correction: In little league baseball, players can be subsituted for and then put back into the game. Since the entire game is not played on-screen, Rudy could've been taken out, replaced by another player, and then Rudy could've been re-inserted into the game.

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Coach Morris Buttermaker: What if he tries something?
Amanda Whurlitzer: I'll handle it.
Coach Morris Buttermaker: Rolling Stones, 11 years old.
Amanda Whurlitzer: I know an 11-year-old girl who is already on the pill.
Coach Morris Buttermaker: Don't ever say that word again.
Amanda Whurlitzer: Jesus! Just who in the heck you think you are?
Coach Morris Buttermaker: The goddamned manager, that's who.
Amanda Whurlitzer: Big wow.



In the last inning of the championship game, Buttermaker opens a beer in a short brown bottle (perhaps a Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red White and Blue, or Red Stripe) right before Amanda grounds out. When he exits the dugout following the at-bat, he's holding a Coors.