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The Towering Inferno picture

Other mistake: During the scenic elevator rescue scene, a helicopter lowers the Fire Chief down to connect a cable to the top of the elevator. The cable is seen to be hanging no more than three feet from the side of the building. If this were the case, the helicopter's rotors would be hitting the building. (02:04:10 - 02:06:10)

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The Godfather: Part II picture

Other mistake: When young Vito Corleone shoots Fanucci in the chest at the doorway to his apartment, in a continuous shot, a wound/blood bursts from Fanucci's white vest. When Fanucci proceeds to tear his vest open seemingly in disbelief he has been shot, there is no entry-wound, blood or hole in his white shirt directly under where the wound appeared in his vest.

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Zardoz picture

Other mistake: The extras in the shot where Zed pulls the cart through the courtyard of apathetic are the same extras used in the shot where he pulls into a barn. Even if they could move, that's awfully quick. These people are supposed to be zombies. (00:38:00)

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The Man with the Golden Gun picture

Other mistake: At the end when Bond returns to the bedroom after the glass bottle fight with Nik Nak he says "hope you got all the glass out of the bed" but he just walked across the room in bare feet without a care in the world, which was completely covered in broken glass. Goodnight didn't have enough time to clean this up aswell in the time given.

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Earthquake picture

Other mistake: During the quake, we see the furniture, wall panels, ceiling tile, windowpanes, vertical blinds, etc., in the office fall, shake, or crack. Yet the leaves of a large potted plant do not move at all.

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Juggernaut picture

Other mistake: When Sir Anthony Hopkins (playing Johnny McLeod) is awaiting the arrival of the suspected bomber O'Neill (played by Cyril Cusack), a funny mistake occurs. Cusack sees Hopkins, smiles and greets him with a cheerful "Hello, Tony!" instead of "Hello, Johnny!" Being a pro, Hopkins doesn't blink an eye!

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Confessions of a Window Cleaner picture

Other mistake: When WPC Liz Radlett is taking Tim's details after he has broken the car window with his ladder, a woman wearing a tartan coat and a purple hat can be seen on the far side of the road by the telephone box. When the camera switches to the other side of the road the same woman walks behind Tim and Liz several times.

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Blazing Saddles picture

Other mistake: As Charlie and Bart are starting to get up from the quick sand, the light reflector is jostled, thereby causing the light to jump.

Movie Nut

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Phantom of the Paradise picture

Other mistake: Swan visibly misses the Phantom's finger when he stabs it to draw blood for his contract.

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Dark Star picture

Other mistake: Lt. Dolittle has a plastic name tag on his collar that says "Doolittle." But on his coveralls the name tape says "Dooltte." (00:12:30)


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Ten Little Indians picture

Other mistake: The end credits list the cast, so it says, "in order of their disappearance." But it's not true; Ilona is listed before Martino, who disappeared earlier than she did (52:30 vs 58:20), Blore is listed before Armstrong, who's been dead longer, and Lombard is the very last, while he was the Indian number two.

Sammo Premium member

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Murder on the Orient Express picture Murder on the Orient Express mistake picture

Other mistake: In the original version of the film there's a mistake in the opening credits where Colin Blakely's name is misspelled as Colin Blankey.

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Chinatown picture

Other mistake: While reading a book in the Hall of Records, Jake notices some names are pasted in. One of the pasted in names is spelled "Clarence Speer." The name comes up again as Jake Gittes and Evelyn Mulwray are driving away from the orchards. The name is spelled in the subtitles "Clarence Speer" and Jake pronounces it "Clarence Speer." Later Jake and Evelyn are reviewing the Mar Vista Rest Home Activities Board. Here the name is spelled "Clarence Speers." (01:07:35 - 01:17:25)

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The Longest Yard picture

Other mistake: At the start when Crewe's girlfriend says "don't you take my Maserati" Crewe says he has earned it. He then goes out and gets in a Citroen, not a Maserati. Also, a Citroen front license plate appears on the car shortly afterwards which wasn't there before. (00:03:57)

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Stardust picture

Other mistake: When counting out Adam Faith in the boxing match, the referee counts 1 - 4 in Spanish then (with his back turned to camera) adds 'cinque' - Italian. I suspect this was dubbed post-production because the location of the scene was in Spain and the actor Spanish.

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The Island at the Top of the World picture

Other mistake: When the Vikings are chasing the main characters in the boats, the Vikings' ship isn't moving although they are still rowing.

Wheel Legs

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Super Stooges vs the Wonder Women picture

Other mistake: The Amazon's queen says she pierced Dharma's chest with her spear/lance but he's shown dying from a side wound.


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Young Frankenstein picture

Other mistake: When they are removing the casket from the grave, the grave is just slightly bigger than it. How did they get underneath?

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Airport 1975 picture

Other mistake: As the rescue copter is lowering down the pilot, it can be seen flying above and in front of the jet so he can enter into the hole above the copilot seat, but passengers looking out of the side windows of the plane can see the copter and that the first guy fails? Not possible.

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