Confessions of a Window Cleaner

Visible crew/equipment: When Tim and Sid call at Jacqui's house, the camera lights are reflected in the front windows.

Other mistake: When WPC Liz Radlett is taking Tim's details after he has broken the car window with his ladder, a woman wearing a tartan coat and a purple hat can be seen on the far side of the road by the telephone box. When the camera switches to the other side of the road the same woman walks behind Tim and Liz several times.

Continuity mistake: Just before Tim turns his ladder and breaks the car window there are no vehicles in sight driving on the other side of the road into shot. The angle changes and there are now four cars that have appeared, driving into shot on the opposite side of the road.

Continuity mistake: When Timmy and Carole are in Carole's bedroom the items on top of the sideboard in front of the window change position between shots.

Continuity mistake: Timmy throws Carole Pendergrast's knickers on the window sill. They fall on to her dressing table, when Carole's father arrives home and calls her, her knickers are back on the window sill.

Continuity mistake: The scene after Timmy has asked Liz out, Timmy cycles past a pub with a blue estate car parked outside with a green Austin allegro parked to the right of it. The angle changes and the allegro has gone, and a red mini has appeared parked to the left of the blue estate.

Continuity mistake: When Sid is changing the wheel on the van, there is a green Mini traveller parked in front of it which disappears between shots.

Visible crew/equipment: When Mr Lea arrives home with the moose's head there is a boom mike shadow on the wall of the hallway.

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