The Longest Yard

The Longest Yard (1974)

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Corrected entry: When the score is 8-0 guards, the cons score and go for two and get the two-point conversion. However, the scoreboard shows a score of 8-7 and this is also announced by the radio announcer. It is never corrected as more points are added. The score should have been 8-8.

Correction: Until recently, the conversions were 1 point no matter what. Since this takes place in the 70's, the score is correct.

Corrected entry: The Warden recruits Crewe to get an inmate team together that will give his guard team some good practice with tough competition before the season starts, but when the Mean Machine plays well and starts to win he orders Crewe to throw the game and let the guards win in a cake walk.

Correction: This is the plot of the movie, not a plot hole.

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Paul Crewe: Whattya got for me, Sunshine?
Caretaker: I can get you steroids, vitamins, greenies, anything you want. You name it. I'm the best hustler in the joint.
Paul Crewe: How much of what this guy says he can do, can he do?
Nate Scarboro: He can get you laid in here... with a woman.



When Crewe dumps the car in the river, you can see the wire attached to it that was used to pull it out of the water. Burt Reynolds mentions it on the DVD commentary.



When the film was released Burt Reynolds arranged to have this film shown in maximum security prisons all over the US, because the prisoners obviously couldn't get to the theaters to see it themselves.