The Man with the Golden Gun
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Visible crew/equipment: When Bond tries to get the golden bullet from the belly dancer named Saheeda, some angry gangsters enter her dressing room. As they start destroying the place, you can see the crew in the mirror on the dressing table very clearly after one of the bad guys is knocked into it, nudging it out of position.

Revealing mistake: During the fight scene in the belly dancer's room, Bond spins the bald guy around to avoid being hit by a chair. When the bald guy gets hit in the back with the chair, you can see a large rectangle of padding under his jacket.

Continuity mistake: During the chase scene with the police, Bond swerves past a driver in a dark green 1956 Plymouth Savoy. As the police cars pass the Plymouth, the scene cuts to an inside shot of the car with the driver yelling, then the driver loses control of the car and rolls it over. The car that crashes is a green 1955 Chevrolet 210 series, not the 1956 Plymouth.

Plot hole: When Bond and Scaramanga are dueling, Bond has no tie or jacket on. After Bond drops his gun and gives his hiding place away, he somehow has the time to not only crawl back onto the staging, but to move the wax replica of himself, and also to put on the dummy's jacket and necktie.

Revealing mistake: In the shot where Bond rams the long tail boat of the karate experts, you can see that the boat is split in two pieces and the bow is already sinking before the collision.

Factual error: The liner Queen Elizabeth sank in the Hong Kong harbor in 1972, not 1971.

The Man with the Golden Gun mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bond is flying over China and landing on the sea by the Scaramanga's island you can see that his plane has two floats - one on either wing. But in the shot where he is heading for the beach it is clearly seen that the left float has gone!

Revealing mistake: At the start of the film when the gangster lands on Scaramanga's island, and enters Scaramanga's fun house, he encounters a scene where some dummies of Al Capone and some other gangsters come out of an area guns blazing... With the first burst of machine gun fire, the dummy "blinks"...

Continuity mistake: When Scaramanga is driving his car into the garage to become a plane, there is no attachment on the side of the car for the wings, but once he enters the garage, one magically appears on the driver's side behind the door.

The Man with the Golden Gun mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: James Bond is backing up the red AMC Hornet X, preparing to jump the wooden bridge. Sheriff J.W. Pepper says, "What the hell you doing now, boy?" and then you can see a studio light and a crewmember in the reflection of the right rear passenger window.

Factual error: The film's car chase takes place in Thailand, where vehicles are right-hand-drive (RHD) and travel on the left side of the road (as in England and Australia). Yet the American Motors (AMC) cars in the chase (the red Hornet X, gold Matador coupe and several Matador sedan police cars, all 1974-models) are all left-hand-drive cars. Scaramanga's car can be excused as something he specifically imported for himself, but the Hornet is 'borrowed' from a fictitious AMC dealership (none existed outside the USA) and the small amount of AMC vehicles sold outside the USA were shipped disassembled to various companies that reassembled them and sold them under their own company names (AMI in Australia, Karmann in Germany, etc). Companies such as these, in RHD nations, had to modify the cars to RHD themselves in order to be allowed to sell them 'locally'. So the Hornet would have been at a non-AMC dealership, and would have been RHD, as would the fleet of police cars. Naturally, this 'error' was created by AMC's promotional deal with the filmmakers to use AMC cars in order to improve US sales to the US filmgoers.

Continuity mistake: After Scaramanga kills Hai Fat, James meets Goodnight in a bar. As they drink the Phuyuck 74, Goodnight's fingers change position on her glass depending on it being a front or rear shot.

David Doyle

Factual error: J.W. Pepper refers to himself as "Sheriff J.W. Pepper, Louisiana State Police." Sheriff is a local office while the state police are a state agency. A person can't be both.


Deliberate mistake: In the scene inside the belly dancer's dressing room, during the brawl Bond has with the KGB agents, he shoves the bald headed guy into the mirror along the bottom 1/3rd of the glass, yet the middle along the left hand side of the mirror makes it look as if that was the initial point of impact before it shatters.


Audio problem: In the teaser we see the hitman load his gun when he gets ready to kill Scaramanga. When Scaramanga walks into the room, the hitman aims for him. The gun makes a loading sound. Upon the hitman's arrival to the room he racks a bullet into the chamber therefore no other action would be required to make the gun ready to fire. A loaded gun does not make a sound when you aim it - and why would he have unloaded the gun while waiting for his victim? When you load the gun, the hammer is back and the gun is ready to fire. No further actions are necessary. And a professional hitman does not wait to turn off the safety on his gun until his victim has arrived.

Jacob La Cour

Factual error: Q says the golden bullets are caliber 4.2mm. But when we see them they are much larger - more like 9-10mm. 4.2mm is like a hail in an air pistol.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: At the start, when the gangster is preparing for the showdown with Scaramanga, there is a rope hanging with a knot in it, however, when Scaramanga comes in the knot in the rope has been tied.

The Man with the Golden Gun mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The AMC Matador stops as the AMC Hornet X races by on the cross-street. As the Matador halts, we see it has a proper door mirror. In a close-up of Scaramanga driving, we can just see the hole in the door where the now-missing mirror was mounted (on the VHS full-frame, we can see the remote cable hanging from the hole and the base of the mirror swinging as the mirror hangs out of view).

The Man with the Golden Gun mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Nick-nack realizes that he and Scaramanga are being followed, there is no round, white decal at the lower corner of the windshield of their AMC Matador, yet in all other shots, the decal is there.

The Man with the Golden Gun mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the AMC Matador arrives in the hangar and begins attaching the jet plane equipment, we see a bracket welded to the lower rear quarter panel, just behind the door. The wing supports swing down to attach at this point on both sides of the car, yet these brackets were not on the car in any prior shot.