The Man with the Golden Gun

Trivia: Actress Maud Adams, who played "Andrea Anders", "Scaramanga's mistress" in the film, is the only actress to have played two lead roles in Bond films. A favourite of Cubby Broccoli, in 1983, she returned to play the title character in "Octopussy".

Trivia: Although not well-known at the time, the film would be the last Bond movie that Harry Salzman would produce.

Trivia: When J. W. Pepper first notices Bond going by on the boat, some oriental music plays – the tune is the theme to "Live And Let Die" (this was the previous film where they first met). (01:00:00)

Trivia: The title actor (Christopher Lee) and James Bond's creator (Ian Fleming) are cousins. This was unknown to the producers at the time Lee was cast.

Trivia: "The Man With The Golden Gun" was originally intended to have appeared much earlier in the Bond movie series than it did. A complete script was written in late 1966, and "...Golden Gun" was to have been the fifth Bond adventure. Shooting was planned to begin in Cambodia in the Spring of 1967. However, with the escalation of war in neighbouring Vietnam, it was thought that Cambodia was not a safe place to shoot a Bond movie, and these plans were cancelled.

Trivia: One of the two schoolgirls (the one with the shorter hair) who help Bond beat-up the bad guys at the karate school, was the real-life daughter of the head of the Japanese secret service at the time.

Trivia: Rocker, Alice Cooper composed and recorded a theme song for the film - as Paul McCartney had done the year before (Live and let Die)- and submitted it to the producers. They decided not to use it. The song can be heard on Cooper's 1974 album: "Muscle of Love".

Trivia: Fleming used the name "Scaramanga" from a Greek man he met on the island of Hydra, called "Pandia Scaramanga", and in whose island house he stayed.

Trivia: During the chase scene all the major cars are from American Motors: Bond in the Hornet, the Matador, and the police cars are Ambassadors.

Trivia: Sir Roger Moore and Sir Christopher Lee filmed an extended beach duel in which Bond fires his pistol into a Thermos bomb, causing it to explode. The scene was cut from the final print, but appears in the teaser trailers.

Trivia: The film made very little money and almost cancelled the Bond series.

Trivia: On October 10th, 2008 the original golden gun prop used in the film was reported stolen from Elstree Studios, north of London. Various news releases place the value of the movie prop at somewhere between 136,000 and 220,000 dollars.


Revealing mistake: During the fight scene in the belly dancer's room, Bond spins the bald guy around to avoid being hit by a chair. When the bald guy gets hit in the back with the chair, you can see a large rectangle of padding under his jacket.

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Question: When Bond goes to the fighting ring and discovers that Maud Adams is dead, was that really a dummy of her? It sure looked like one to me.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: No, it was the actor.

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