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Marty picture

Marty Pilletti: Tommy, Tommy, just let me get a couple of minutes, will you? Because I promised Mr. Terry that I would let him know by tomorrow. You and Virginia can fight anytime.

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Guys and Dolls picture

Big Jule: Well, I used to be bad when I was a kid, but ever since then I've gone straight, as has been proved by my record: Thirty-three arrests and no convictions.

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The Dam Busters picture

Farmer: Every time one of these Lancasters fly over, my chickens lay premature eggs.

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Daddy Long Legs picture

Alicia Pritchard: Mr. Griggs, a person is not a corporation! A person is flesh and blood... and feelings .

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Rebel Without a Cause picture

Jim Stark: I didn't chicken. You saw where I jumped. What did I have to do, kill myself?

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The Trouble with Harry picture

Jennifer Rogers: I've never been to a home-made funeral before.
Capt. Wiles: I have... it's my third. All in one day.

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Blackboard Jungle picture

Richard Dadier: Yeah, I've been beaten up, but I'm not beaten. I'm not beaten, and I'm not quittin'.

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The Cockleshell Heroes picture

Captain Thompson: Keep the line straight, Boys.

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East of Eden picture

Cal Trask: It's gonna work because it's got to work and it's got to work because I said so.

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The Seven Year Itch picture

The Girl: A stairway to nowhere! I think that's just elegant.

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The Hole Idea picture

Calvin Q. Calculus: I invented the portable hole for the good of humanity. But let us all hope it will never be used for evil purposes.

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Tarantula picture

Dr. Matt Hastings: If there's anything a man hates it's to be told he's wrong when he knows he's right.

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Revenge of the Creature picture

Joe Hayes: Oh, I'll sleep fine. No imagination.

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Bad Day at Black Rock picture

John J. Macreedy: Your friend's a very... argumentative fellow.
Reno Smith: Sort of unpredictable, too. Got a temper like a rattlesnake.
Coley Trimble: That's me all over. I'm half horse, half alligator - you mess with me and I'll kick a lung outta' ya! What d'ya think of that?
John J. Macreedy: No comment.
Coley Trimble: You know, talkin' to you is like pullin' teeth. You wear me out.

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Rabbit Rampage picture

Bugs Bunny: Brother. What a Leonardo da Punchy. What a Too-Lousy Lautrec.

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This Island Earth picture

The Monitor: It is indeed typical that you Earth people refuse to believe in the superiority of any world but your own. Children looking into a magnifying glass, imagining the image you see is the image of your true size.
Dr. Cal Meacham: Our true size is the size of our God.

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