The Trouble with Harry

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Wiggy is looking at John Forsythe's new painting at the cider stand before she goes inside to put up his shopping order, the new painting is also on display inside the store, on the floor behind John Forsythe. (00:16:30 - 00:19:30)

Continuity mistake: In the porch scene with the little boy, keep an eye on the rabbit. It moves around on John Forsythe's lap between cuts, even though it's supposed to be dead.

Factual error: The landscape shows late fall, with color and fading leaves. But on the bushes near the killer porch when Captain arrives for muffins are full of spring bloom Azaleas.

Jennifer Rogers: I've never been to a home-made funeral before.
Capt. Wiles: I have... it's my third. All in one day.

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Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock has a cameo role 20 minutes into this film - he is seen walking past the limousine of a man who is looking at the paintings at an artist's stall.

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