East of Eden

East of Eden (1955)

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Directed by: Elia Kazan

Starring: Raymond Massey, Burl Ives, Julie Harris, James Dean

Genres: Drama

Factual error: The movie takes place around the time of WWI, definitely before 1923. In the carnival scene, the calliope is heard playing "Ain't She Sweet". This was the number one song ... in 1927.

Continuity mistake: When James Dean's mom writes out a check for $5000 and gives it to him, she licks the envelope first, but when she actually hands over the envelope to him, it's clearly not sealed.

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Suggested correction: I noticed this, too, but as it's all one shot, it's not a continuity error; it's simply that she didn't properly seal the envelope. Not a film mistake.

Factual error: The opening scenes in 1918 Monterey show a US flag with 50 stars, and clothes inappropriate for the period.

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Suggested correction: The flag shown has 48-stars. Even though I verified it by watching the scene, I know it would be impossible to have 50-stars since there were only 48 US States in 1955. And nothing about the clothing seems "inappropriate."


Continuity mistake: When Cal jumps on the train he wraps his sweater around himself to keep warm, covering his mouth, but in the nest shot with his voice over, the sweater is just wrapped around him up until his neck, with his mouth free.

Cal Trask: I've been jealous all my life. Jealous, I couldn't even stand it. Tonight, I even tried to buy your love, but now I don't want it anymore... I can't use it anymore. I don't want any kind of love anymore. It doesn't pay off.

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Trivia: During the "punishment" bible reading scene, while James Dean was reading out loud, he was swearing under his breath. This was to evoke anger from the actor who played his father - he was a devout Christian.

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Question: Shouldn't there be more people on bicycles? I think a lot of people rode bicycles during this time. At least in the Monterey area. Probably not on the farm as much. People became very car happy in the 50s. Also, the haircuts are very 1940s / early 1950s.

Answer: Many earlier Hollywood movies were often less concerned about recreating a precise historical time period and instead evoked the era's atmosphere. Audiences then were less discerning or knowledgeable about history and details regarding hairstyles, makeup, clothing, manners, etc. which were sometimes diluted, glossed over, and often wrong. More people may have ridden bicycles during that era but many had cars, though it's unessential to the plot either way.


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