Oklahoma (1955)

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Other mistake: In the Todd-OA version, just before the song "Oklahoma." Gordon MacCrae puts his hand on the porch post and the post moves off the rail. He then pulls it back.

Continuity mistake: All the action occurs near Claremore, Oklahoma. The picturesque mountains in the background of several scenes are lovely, but there are no mountains even close to that size within hundreds of miles of Claremore.

Continuity mistake: The scene where the people are going to Skidmore for the box social, Laurie greets several young ladies on the front porch, they hear Gertie laugh and you can see the same young ladies just getting out of wagons and surries.

Continuity mistake: At Curly and Laurie's wedding, everyone begins singing Oklahoma. Ado Annie is on the porch at the beginning. During the song, she disappears. When the song is over, she reappears again.

Continuity mistake: When Curly successfully bids for Laurey's hamper, Aunt Eller yells sold and breaks the wooden mallet she is holding. In the next shot the mallet is in her hand unbroken.

Continuity mistake: At the Box Social, the cowboys and ranchers begin a brawl. In a long shot, two women are seen standing upon a wooden beam watching. Cut to a close-up one woman on the left has disappeared; she reappears in the second long shot.

Continuity mistake: When the men put Curley and Laurie on the haystack after their wedding, the cowboy with the green shirt and cream waistcoat (who gives Laurie the 'girl baby') is wearing a hat, then he isn't, then he is. Also, when the men are told to get water, in the close shot he runs off, then in the zoomed out, he goes again. (02:07:15)

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Revealing mistake: During "Many a New Day", when Laurie sings "many a red sun will set" and before they all hear the Cummings girl laugh outside, Laurie and two others are looking into a mirror. The actresses are actually looking into the camera through a mirror frame, to give the illusion that we are seeing their reflections. When the girl with the long black hair joins them, you see her run in from the side, then her "reflection" in the mirror. However, if it was a real mirror, you wouldn't see her run in from the side. (00:44:00)

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Continuity mistake: Just before "Many a New Day", when Laurie enters the house, there are two women discussing the fact that Curley has "taken up with that Cummings gal", the girl with the long, black hair gasps and looks at Laurie. Notice how straight her hair is: it is completely straight except for a few curls at the very bottom. Later on during the same song, when Laurie sings "many a light lad may kiss and fly", the same girl walks into the shot, and her hair is now very wavy. The amount of waves in her hair changes repeatedly until the end of the song. (00:37:55 - 00:39:15)

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Will Parker: I don't know what to make of you! You're too purty to be a skunk! Too thin to be a snake! To little to be a man, and too big to be a mouse! I reckon you're a rat.
Ali Hakim: That's logical.

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