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Flags of Our Fathers picture

Revealing mistake: There are several scenes (most notably when the group is ambushed at Mt. Suribachi) where the bayonets attached to the guns bend back and forth showing them to actually be rubber instead of metal.

Joel Amos Gordon
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The Last Legion picture

Revealing mistake: As Aurelius and Wulfila fight, one shot after Aurelius lifts a long-handled battle axe, we can see two shots with a jet contrail in the sky, which were impossible in the 5th century AD.

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A Little Princess picture

Revealing mistake: When Sara and Ms. Minchin are fighting in the attic, it is night time, but there is light coming through the cracks of the attic.

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The Killing Fields picture

Revealing mistake: When the village where Pran is hiding as a servant is bombed, you see a lot of stuntmen performing elegant jumps as if they were doing gymnastics, some long after the impact of the bomb would have hit them. (01:56:50)

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Ran picture

Revealing mistake: When the guard that wants to kill the fool is hit by an arrow, you can see the outline of a protection plate or something like that under his clothes.

Dr Wilson
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Green Berets picture

Revealing mistake: Except for the one that crashes, every single helicopter in this film is 100% factory fresh, brand new - no mud spatters, no scratched paint, not a dent or a blemish anywhere. They look like they just rolled off the production line. Strange that, on the front line in a war zone and all.

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Missing in Action 2: The Beginning picture

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the film when Nester and Opelka and at least two other Americans are attempting to run towards the chopper, you hear a series of Vietnamese mortars which hit two of the Americans, followed by screams. If you look real closely at the last mortar to hit the second American, it is a scare-crow type figure dressed in military fatigues that takes the mortar hit.

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The Last Airbender picture

Revealing mistake: During a large battle scene between the Fire Nation and the Northern Water Tribe, the camera pans to reveal a Fire Nation soldier fighting with no one.

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Beyond Borders picture

Revealing mistake: Sarah is reading her daughter a story about Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but the cover of the book is Little Red Riding Hood.

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Harrison's Flowers picture

Revealing mistake: When the group of journalists is heading to Vukovar, they are stopped and go to hide because fighters are bombing the town. At one point, the camera moves and the airplane moves with it.

Dr Wilson
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Buffalo Soldiers picture

Revealing mistake: In the last shot of Elwood machine gunning his Mercedes, he's run out of ammo - there's no belt left.

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The Wild Geese picture

Revealing mistake: During the fight after Witty has been killed, Peiter throws a grenade that lands in a bush on the right of the path up which the enemy are advancing. However, the resulting explosion comes from the centre of the path and not as far away as the grenade flew.

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Three Musketeers picture

Revealing mistake: When Porthos shoots the assassin with a crossbow, he is a good distance below him. But when you see the assassin grab the bolt, it is straight in his body as if he'd been shot level.

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The Birth of a Nation picture

Revealing mistake: A man gets killed and is lying dead on the porch of a commoner. When the man who lives in the house picks up the dead man, the dead man moves his foot, and it's very obvious that he is alive. (02:22:10)

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Dunkirk picture

Revealing mistake: When Corporal Bin's group of men eventually arrive at Dunkirk, they speak to a soldier adding sandbags to a Vicker's gun position. Here (and later on in the film when it is shown firing) it has a blank-firing adaptor prominently fitted to the front. Additionally the belt of ammunition shown going through it is filled with blanks - no bullets project outside the other side to that of the actual cartridge cases.

Andrew Upton
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Von Richthofen and Brown picture

Revealing mistake: When Von Richthofen is shot down and crash-lands in the combat zone, German and British soldiers arrive and fight for possession of the Red Baron's plane. It is strange, though, that the German soldiers fire British Lee Enfield rifles instead of the German Mauser Gewehr 98.

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Seven Samurai picture

Revealing mistake: When Kikuchiyo tricks and kills the gunner, he chases him a short way, then stabs him with a sword. Even though there's a tree blocking the action, you can still see he never actually stabs him, he just lightly stabs the ground near him.

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Return from the River Kwai picture

Revealing mistake: During the transport of the POWs by train (which starts about 26 mins into the film) the number on the side of the engine is visible as 719. About 3 mins (filmwise) into the journey it appears in mirror image. It appears they filmed the train moving from right to left, but throughout the film the train moves from left to right, so the film must have been reversed. It happens twice, the second time 14 min 24 sec after the first. (00:29:34)

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The Battle of the River Plate picture

Revealing mistake: When the German cruiser Graf Spee is seen leaving Montevideo harbour for the last time it is flying the American Stars and Stripes flag from the aft observation platform tower.

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Shenandoah picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the boy is shot in the leg and the carried away by an unionist soldier you can see more union soldiers storm past them. The bayonets of the soldiers are obviously made of rubber as they are dangling while the rifles are moved up and down by the running soldiers.

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