The Birth of a Nation

Revealing mistake: A man gets killed and is lying dead on the porch of a commoner. When the man who lives in the house picks up the dead man, the dead man moves his foot, and it's very obvious that he is alive. (02:22:10)

Revealing mistake: When one of the female characters is putting on fine hermine for the little colonel's homecoming party, a black female servant is standing next to her - played by a white woman with black make-up on. You can see that the lower part of her neck is white.

Revealing mistake: Car tire tracks are visible in the KKK segment.

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Intertitle: If in this work we have conveyed to the mind the ravages of war to the end that war may be held in abhorrence, this effort will not have been in vain.



In the sequence entitled "Their State flag. The spirit of the South".When Ben Cameron enters the room and picks up his little sister, he is wearing his saber. When he then carries her across the room and shows her the flag, his saber is missing.



The film was a favorite of President Woodrow Wilson, a Southerner who was alleged to be a racist, evident through his purging of blacks working in the federal government during the first presidential term.