The Birth of a Nation

Continuity mistake: In the sequence entitled "Their State flag. The spirit of the South". When Ben Cameron enters the room and picks up his little sister, he is wearing his saber. When he then carries her across the room and shows her the flag, his saber is missing. (00:28:30)

Richard Lannom

Continuity mistake: During the war, one of the "chums" gets shot. He starts to convulse and flail all over the place. However, in the next shot he is suddenly still, and starts to convulse once again. (00:42:10)


Continuity mistake: Right in the beginning, we see a small black child in court. In the close-up of him, we see that he is near the back of the courtroom. However, the camera then cuts to a different angle and suddenly he is at the front of the courtroom, taking his seat.


Continuity mistake: A man gets killed and lies dead on the porch of a commoner. He is there during several subsequent shots, and he constantly changes position from shot to shot. (02:22:30)


Continuity mistake: In the sequence entitled "A mother's gift to the cause, three sons off for the war". During the scenes in the house where the women are bidding farewell to the departing soldiers, the officers' sabers are on their left sides, as they should be. But, when Ben Cameron takes his leave of his family on the porch, the film has been flipped so that his saber appears to be on his right side. This flipped film continues as he mounts his horse from the right side (rather than the left, which is customary), draws his saber with his left hand, places it against his left shoulder, and rides away with the troops, all of whom appear to have their sabers in their left hands with their scabbards on their right hips. As the infantry passes by, the film is still flipped as the soldiers have their muskets on their left shoulders, and their bedrolls on their right shoulders; whereas, we had seen the same column of troops earlier with the equipment reversed, i.e., muskets on right shoulders and bedrolls on left shoulders. (00:29:15)

Richard Lannom

Revealing mistake: A man gets killed and is lying dead on the porch of a commoner. When the man who lives in the house picks up the dead man, the dead man moves his foot, and it's very obvious that he is alive. (02:22:10)

Revealing mistake: When one of the female characters is putting on fine hermine for the little colonel's homecoming party, a black female servant is standing next to her - played by a white woman with black make-up on. You can see that the lower part of her neck is white.

Continuity mistake: On the food train, the close-up and far-away shots vary greatly as to types and quantities of food. (00:49:40)

Revealing mistake: Car tire tracks are visible in the KKK segment.

John Wilkes Booth: Sic semper tyrannis.

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Trivia: It was the first film to be viewed in the White House.

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